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Next enter your masternode private key which you obtained from STEP 9 above (masternode genkey) That's it. The Hiluxcore will auto start. You can type ./hilux-cli getinfo to get an idea of your progress in.. Masternode-Einrichtung . 1. In der Wallet-Software DMS Core auf Ihrem lokalen Computer. Wählen Sie bitte den Menübefehl Werkzeuge | Debugkonsole. Geben Sie unten im Eingabefeld masternode genkey ein und drücken Sie die Eingabetaste. Den Rückgabewert benötigen Sie später. Hinweis: Jede Masternode benötigt einen eigenen privaten Schlüssel

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At the bottom of the text box, please enter masternode genkey and press Enter. You will need the return value later. Note: Each masternode requires its own private key. Now enter getaccountaddress MN1 ein Command: masternode genkey. Copy your masternodeprivkey and paste it into the masternode configuration file. Keep the Debug console window open as we will need it in the next part. Finally, we'll need to find the collateral_output_txid and collateral_output_index from the masternode collateral transaction we made earlier. To do so , go back to the wallet's Debug console, and type the.

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  1. First the basic requirements: 10,000 GEEK (Get GeekCash) A main computer (Your everyday computer) — This will run the control wallet, hold your collateral 10,000 GEEK and can be turned on and off..
  2. Some Masternode requires you to change a few settings. Go to tools, debug console and type the command inside, lets say start masternode alias MN1. But some masternode will be much more easier to start the alias
  3. masternode genkey. This command will generate your <Masternode Private Key>. Save this Key, we will be using it later. Now in the Local wallet still, enter the following command on the debug console: getaccountaddress chooseAnyNameForYourMasternode. This will create a wallet address and a <Masternode Name> for your masternode. Save this as we will need it later. Send 1,000,000 FIX to the.
  4. 2. Open masternode.conf file 3. Enter your masternode info a. Please follow the example provided in the file b. Use the taxid and masternode genkey from step 1 4. Save and close file 5. Close the wallet 6. Open wallet 7. Go to masternode tab 8. Select the masternode you want to start 9. Click [start alias] STEP 44 2 Virtual Private Server (VPS) 1. Enter the following command to make sure that your masternode has starte

Gib nun den Befehl masternode genkey in die Debug Console ein. Die Zahlenkombination, die du hier erhältst ist der masternodeprivkey, den du später in deine conf-Datei einfügen musst. Es handelt sich dabei nicht um deinen Private Key!! In in the second case, you will need to go to the console of the PC wallet and enter masternode genkey command and press enter. The wallet will generate a private the key of your masternode (do not tell it to anyone and save it in Notepad). This key (a set of address signs) must be inserted where you were asked GEN KEY and press enter. After 10 seconds, you will receive information on. The masternode key, needed for the communication between your wallet and the masternode server hosting of easyMN.services. Output of the console command: masternode genkey. easyMN.services requires the following data for billing and e-mail notification: Name, address, country and e-mail address

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  1. At the console prompt we'll need to type in a command: masternode genkey; This command creates a Masternode Private key (masternodeprivkey) which we will need a bit later. So for now - create a temporary notepad text file on your Desktop and copy that generated private key there. Every time you enter that command into console - a new key will be generated, and the previous will be.
  2. masternode genkey . Kick Start Masternode. 1- Masternode.conf . In Wallet, Go to Tools > Open Masternode Configuration File and paste below details in one line. If you are willing to run more than one Masternode with same wallet please do paste line below first added line and Save File. 2- Coin Control feature . Go to Settings > Options > Wallet and Check on Enable Coin Control features.
  3. externalip= (Replace it with your server IP) Copy this masternode.conf file to your exosis datadir and restart your wallet by using exit in file menu. After wallet fully synced go help->debug window->console type lockunspent true. Now go to masternod menu->my masternode and start the masternode and enjoy rewards on each block
  4. Does the server needs to know my masternode genkey? Yes, this key must be shared between wallet and masternode server to allow the daemon to pair to the masternode and provide services that will be rewarded latter. Once the user broadcast the the informations in the masternode configuration file to the network, the provide binding key will be used by the masternode daemon to match the.

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Steps: 1. Generate a Masternode Key: Go to Tools -> Debug console and enter the command masternode genkey. 2. Get account address from main wallet: In Debug Console enter the command getaccountaddress MyMasternode. 3. Send exactly 100 000 VSX to the address generated in Step 2. 4. Get the proof. Generate Masternode Private key. Go to Tools -> Debug console and enter the command masternode genkey Keep the output in a safe document such as notepad. This is your private key for the Masternode. Step 4. Get account address from main wallet. In Debug Console enter the command getaccountaddress MyMasternode. You can use your own name. masternode genkey (This will be the masternode's private key (genkey). We'll use this later) Also DO NOT forget to retrieve your masternode's address's PRIVATE KEY (Just in case something goes wrong) Step 03: Still in the debug console, Enter the following command: getaccountaddress Enter Any Name For Your Masternode here without Quotes Step 04: Now send 25,000TUP in your wallet the.

masternode genkey. Dieser Befehl generiert Ihren <Masternode Private Key>. Speichern Sie diesen, er wird später benötigt! Jetzt geben Sie noch in der Debug Konsole ein: getaccountaddress NamenfürIhreMasternode. Dies erzeugt eine neue Wallet Adresse mit dem Namen, wie Ihre Masternode heißen soll <Masternode Name> Speichern Sie diesen, er wird später benötigt! Senden Sie 1.000.000 TWINS an. masternode genkey I get masternode list|count|current|votes> passphrase (code -1) This is like the first step on every guide I've read, and it doesn't work at all. What's wrong? P.S. Just in case I tried: masternode genkey I get Method not found (code -32601) Putting masternode=0 in the darkcoin.conf file doesn't change anything. Do the 1000 DRK have to be in the wallet first? Click to. Type masternode genkey Type masternode outputs Copy all of the codes generated and save them in a text file. I will walk you though what to do with them. What's the difference between a Zencash Securenode and a Masternode? Masternodes mostly speed up network transactions and sometimes vote on the direction of the project. Secure nodes receive daily challenges where they receive and. Note: Private keys are generated from your controller wallet using the following command masternode genkey. This is your masternode private key and if it doesn't match then fix it according. But note that this requires wallet / masternode restart. 4. If your masternode private key, TXID, index, IP and port matches then you should be good to go. Finally in your VPS console type coinname-cli. Execute the masternode genkey command three times. STEP 4 : CHECK OUTPUT OF MASTER NODE# The contents of the remittance to mn1, mn2, mn3 in STEP2 will be displayed. STEP 5:WRITE THE MASTERNODE SETTING IN THE CONF FILE# Describe the contents of mn1, mn2 and mn3 in STEP 4. mn1 <1st your global IP for VPS>:12181 <1st masternode genkey command value> <1st masternode outputs command txhash.

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5000 DMS coins as a masternode collateral (see Shared Masternode if you have less coins). Setting up a Masternode 1. In the wallet software DMS Core on your local computer. Please select the menu command Tools | Debug console. At the bottom of the text box, please enter masternode genkey and press Enter. You will need the return value later The Masternode genkey will appear in the console. Copy and paste it to your notepad. Make sure to label it MN1. Keep all of your information together we will use it later on

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masternode genkey The return value of this command is your Masternodes key, this key is used to prove you own the collateral for the node without having to share the private key that is able to spend the coins. 2) Create a collateral address. In the wallet menu go to: Help > Debug Window > Console A new window opens up with the console in here type: getaccountaddress masternode This command. the debug console type masternode genkey into the command entry box at the bottom. Hit Enter and a new masternode private key will be shown above, in the main area of the debug console window. Copy that key to the text file you pasted the collateral address into, you will need it later. There are just two more pieces of information to gather and a couple to decide on. Close the debug. masternode genkey. Copy this string in a txt file, its your masternode priv key. Now we create a new address to receive your 500 cravecoins, type in the console. getaccountaddress mn01. Copy the address printed in the txt file also. Now send exactly 500 cravecoins to the address you just received and wait for 10 confirmations. You have to close the wallet now, we will reopen it later. Dont. masternodeprivkey is the result of your masternode genkey collateral_output_txid is the txhash info your masternode outputs collateral_output_index is the outputidx of your masternode outputs The final Result on our Tutorial will look like this: Once you entered this information you can save the masternode.conf file and your HOT Wallet is prepared. You can restart your HOT Wallet now and you.

These keys are NOT stored by the wallet and must be kept secure, similar to the value provided in the past by the masternode genkey command. Add the private key to your masternode configuration¶ The public key will be used in following steps. The private key must be entered in the dash.conf file on the masternode. This allows the masternode to watch the blockchain for relevant Pro*Tx. masternode genkey (copy & paste into notepad) masternode outputs (you should see 2 outputs, copy & paste into notepad) Open the Masternode configuration file: (from Tools menu) Add the following line at the end of the file: Masternode02 :31832 <-- make sure is not the same one as Masternode01. Save & exit. Exit wallet and launch it again. Once wallet is up you should see a new entry in the. ./swamp-cli masternode genkey. Now remove the quotes and the colon from the result of the masternode outputs command for use in the next steps. The end result is a long string and number at the end. The number will be a 1 or 0. Opening the proper Port on Firewall. It is necessary for other clients to talk to your masternode for it to be rewarded and cosidered Enabled. Open the firewall on your.

4.Edit masternode configuration. Go to tools and masternode configuration file. A. Copy what's after #Example: and paste it in the next line B. The copied line consist of (each element is separated by space): mn1 - ALIAS. your ip:18888 - your IP followed by Absolute's port. Masternodepriv key - [result of masternode genkey Der Masternode-Schlüssel, der für die Kommunikation zwischen Ihrer Wallet und dem easyMN.services Masternode-Server benötigt wird. Ausgabe des Konsolenbefehls: masternode genkey Ausgabe des Konsolenbefehls: masternode genkey

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You will see MASTERNODES tab. Wait for Synchronizing finish. h) Go to TOOLS -> DEBUG CONSOLE. i) Type: getaccountaddress masternode (It's your masternode address, copy it to notepad, you should send exactly 1000 coin to that address) j) Type: masternode genkey (Your masternodeprivkey, copy that key to notepad, you will need it later) k) Close debug console. l) To the left corner of. Enter IP, masternode genkey, output result and transaction id, as with the example below. Save and close the file. Shutdown your local Nyerium wallet and then re-open it. 5. Finish setting up VPS Login to VPS using Putty and type: sudo nano .nyerium/nyerium.conf Then Paste these 2 lines at the bottom of the config file: masternode=

Output from masternode genkey: TX_ID TX_INDEX: Output from masternode outputs: Activate Masternode Tab Goto Settings -> Options -> Wallet and set Show Masternode Tab Restart your Wallet, then you should see the Masternodes Tab in your Wallet. VPS Setup. Connect to your VPS via SSH (I prefer PuTTY) Download megacoin MΣC binary files for Linux, unpack them and copy to required location SSH. Masternodes genkey. So usually, there is a few Masternodes. For in this case we must always typeMasternodes genkey [Leon] So what are you doing now Treff? [Treff] So I'm trying to look for the private key and also the transaction key itself [Leon] Oh, so you're gonna expose your private key? (really Treff... -_-) [Treff] The main thing that we must be careful of is the wallet.dat file. ./moused -daemon -datadir=./data masternode genkey save the output and then stop the daemon. step 10./moused -datadir=./data stop. step 11 Now modify the conf file by adding these lines masternode=1 masternodeaddr=VPS IP : as per step 6 masternodeprivkey=outcome saved earlier Press Ctrl+X and save the file . step 12 Now run the daemon and that's all./moused -daemon -datadir=./data . For more. masternode genkey You will see a long string of numbers and leers. Copy/paste the string to the notepad file on your Desktop (Masternode Private Key). This is the genkey you will need to use later in the process. Enter the following command to generate your masternode receiving address getaccountaddress mn1 The generated address will now be labeled as MN1. Please copy/paste this string to the.

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>masternode outputs then >masternode genkey copy/paste the masternode genkey output into your exclusivecoin.conf against the masternodeprivkey entry, you will also use it in the next step/section. the masternode outputs output shows your transaction is good, and the data will be used in the next step/section. you should see something like this. masternodeaddr is the ip address and port of. In this console we enter masternode genkey Now we go to the tab Receive and create a new address with the name MN1. There we now send exactly(!) 1500 Stonecoins in the tab Transfer. Finally, we go back to the debug console and type in master node outputs. What the console now outputs is the transaction ID, which should be noted with the single number at the end but. masternode genkey. Please note: If you plan to set up more than one masternode, you need to create a key with the above command for each one. Run this command to get your output information: masternode outputs. Copy both the key and output information to a text file. Close your wallet and open the Guapcoin Appdata folder. Its location depends on your OS. Windows: Press Windows+R and write. 3 Masternodes 1 VPS (Absolute ABS) Romano RNR. Jun 12, 2018 · 9 min read. Disclaimer: I assume you have basic knowledge of Linux and your own OS. I'm not responsible for any loss by using this guide. I assume you don't have a learning disorder. Do not proceed this guide if you have any doubts in the guide or in yourself. I do not guarantee profits, neither do I trust the current developer.

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To stake your masternode you will need to provide exactly 100,000 SYS in your masternode address. Use Syscoin Core Qt for your system to process this transaction. Once your local Syscoin Core Qt has fully synced, select Window > Console and enter masternode genkey to generate your masternode private key. Copy this value as you will need. Step 3: Masternodes Configuration. At this point, we have installed the masternodes on our server. Now we must also configure them. To do so, we must first generate a private key. To generate a private key, open up your local wallet and go to Tools, then click on Debug console nyx-cli masternode genkey. l) Stop wallet and edit nyx.conf file: cd /root/.nyx nyx-cli stop nano nyx.conf. m) nyx.conf file will be opened automatically in Linux text editor. You should change RPCUSER(any), RPCPASSWORD(any), EXTENALIP(your VPS ip address) and MASTERNODEPRIVKEY(we got it on step#2-k). Copy whole blue text to notepad, change only red text with your data and paste it in putty. Use the following instructions to setup a masternode for PopUp Coin on Ubuntu Server 18.04. Make sure that you have the following requirements. - Required amount of coins to setup the masternode. - A wallet to store your coins. - A server or VPS. The instructions are split

MkTcoin Masternode Setup Guide www.mktcoin.org - Be absolutely 100% sure that this is copied correctly. And then check it again. We cannot help you, if you send 200,000 MLM to an incorrect address. 4) Wait for at least 1 confirmation Masternode Server (VPS - The computer that will be on 24/7) Recommended VPS Servers: Vultr, Digitalocean, Aruba 1) Using the control wallet, enter the debug console (Tools > Debug console) and type the following command: masternode genkey (This will be the masternode's privkey, make sure to save it. We'll use this later Goto back to your Core application and Type: masternode outputs. If you properly sent 10000 PIRATE to yourself you will see a long string of numbers, this is your transaction ID, followed by the index number. Copy and paste this to a temporary text file. Click Masternodes -> My Master Nodes. Click Create

Type the following command (this will be the masternode genkey, which we'll use later in the setup): createmasternodekey Write the response down somewhere safe. Step 3: Generate a masternode address on your local wallet. Open the debug console (Tools > Debug console) Type the following command: getaccountaddress YourMasternodeName (e.g. masternode01) Write the response down somewhere safe. To configure the masternode, you need a constantly working wallet (console or graphic) on a virtual server (or computer) with a static IP. You can configure everything on one wallet, or classic on a two-server wallet with a masternode, on a home wallet with a deposit of 5000 coins, so that the coins are under control . We configure masternode on VPS + locally . ON VPS WE CONFIGURE A HOT WALLET. SmartNodes are servers that run a SmartCash wallet and make decisions. InstantPay (Instant Transactions): Allows for SmartCash transactions to be locked in about a second. No risk of double spending a transaction, so the receiver can trust that transaction immediately. SAPI: SmartNodes are required to have port 8080 open to allow SAPI access

Masternodes Advanced Masternode Setup. Click and download the guide below! Tutorial for Windows. Requirements: 1. VSX Windows Wallet 2. 100 000 VSX 3. Good Internet Connection. Steps: 1. Generate a Masternode Key: Go to Tools -> Debug console and enter the command masternode genkey. 2 masternode genkey - (This is the masternodes private key. In the MAIN wallet, and still in the debug console, enter the following command and record the return: getaccountaddress chooseyourMNlabel; In the MAIN wallet, go over to send and send 3,000,000 RST to the generated address. Only send 3,000,000 RST - No less, no more masternode genkey. Save result, this is your masternode private key for the first address of your wallet. Open up Tools > Open Wallet Configuration File. (With notepad or any other text editor, Notepad++ or Atom) paste following in configuration file: masternode=1 masternodeprivkey=Masternodeprivatekeyhere externalip=YourExternalIPAddressHere. masternode genkey and getnewaddress generation procedure. 20. Send the amount needed for masternodes collateral of (X amount of coins) to the address that you just generated. Copy the Transaction ID (TXid). Wait at least 20 confirmations (if you attempt to start your masternode before you get 20 confirmations, your masternode won't work and you have to restart procedure). Allocating.

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• Copy Masternode Genkey into VPS window • Verify it is correct • Hit enter To paste into PUTTY just left click on the window and then right click. Step 2.E/1.J: Now that the masternode is synced completely we can jump back to last part of the setup. In the wallet click the masternode button on the left and you should see your masternode listed in the list but it will be listed as. masternode genkey In output, you get the variable Masternode Private Key. 2) Using the cold wallet still, enter the following command getaccountaddress Name of Masternode In output, you get the variable Masternode Address. 3) Send 10,000,000 RPD to Masternode Address. 4) Still in the cold wallet, enter this command into the console masternode outputs In output, you get the variables Collateral. masternode genkey. 2.2. Still inside debug console type: getaccountaddress MasternodeAliasName. 2.3. Copy the generated addresses - first being [PRIVKEY] and second your [MASTERNODE ADDRESS] 2.4. Send 10k ELLI using your wallet to [MASTERNODE ADDRESS]. 2.5. After approved 6 transactions (1 block = 1 minute) type in debug console: masternode outputs. 2.6. You should see long number which is. St e p 3 - Masternode-TX-Daten Gehen Sie zu Tools & gt; Debug-Konsole & gt; und geben Sie (ohne Anführungszeichen) ein Masterknoten-Genkey (dies ist Ihr privater Schlüssel) Masterknotenausgänge (dies sind die Sendungsdaten Ihres Masterknotens) Schritt 4 - VPS-Konfiguration Sie können jedes VPS-Hosting & amp; SSH-Client, für den Sie sich entscheiden. Öffnen Sie den SSH.

6 - Run command masternode genkey and copy down generated key (this is your masternode private key) 7 - Run command masternode outputs and copy down hexnumbers (this is your masternode tx) and digit after : (this is tx index) 8 - Go to Tools >> Open Masternode Configuration File (masternode.conf), and open with Notepad. 9 - Using (one line per masternode), use the following format: Alias. masternode genkey. This generates the masternode private key. Copy and Paste the output into your reference file. Generate Receiving Address. Step 8. Generate a new address. Enter the following command: getnewaddress label. Copy this newly generated address and place it in the reference file that was created in step 1 for easy reference. Accessing the Debug Console. Collateral. You will need.

(It's your masternode address, copy it to notepad, you should send exactly 1000 coin to that address) j) Type: masternode genkey (Your masternodeprivkey, copy that key to notepad, you will need it later) k) Close debug console l) To the left corner of wallet application press FILE -> RECEIVING ADDRESSES *NOTE: Sample addresses on picture. Don't sent here! Send to your addresses. m. Masternode Genkey (This will be the Masternode [s private key. We will use this later) Step 03: Still in the debug console, Enter the following command: getaccountaddress Enter any name for your Masternode here without quotes Step 04: Now send 25,000 TUP in your wallet address generated in step 03. (Be 100% sure that you entere o Masternodeprivkey: the masternode genkey from Step 1 o collateral_output_txid collateral_output_index: The masternode outputs you received in Step 1 • Save and close the masternode.conf file • Close and restart wallet • Click Masternodes tab and select the masternode that you want to start and click Start alias Step 4) VPS • Make sure the Masternode is running on your VPS. (It's your masternode address, copy it to notepad, you should send exactly 1000 coin to that address) j) Type: masternode genkey (Your masternodeprivkey, copy that key to notepad, you will need it later) k) Close debug console. l) To the left corner of wallet application press FILE -> RECEIVING ADDRESSES *NOTE: It's sample addresses. Don't sent here! Send to your addresses. m) SEND.

StakingLab Coin Masternode Guide 1. Hot Wallet Setup First step is the desktop wallet setup. This is the wallet you can run on your local PC once your masternode is setup and activated on this wallet you can close it without worrying about your rewards. Firstly, we must create a private key and a transaction for each masternode, please fallow these necessary steps for the configuration. 1. Result of masternode Genkey Txn Hash: First part of Result of masternode Outputs Output Index: Second part of Result of masternode Outputs Reward Address: Leave it blank Reward %: Leave it Blank save it. And close the wallet. Go to %appdata% CHEESE folder and open Cheese.conf port=44700 masternode=1 masternodeaddr= your Static IP : Port (Static IP you checked in Step 8, Port: 44740. C. Check masternode status a. ./prx-cli_mn1.sh masternode status b. If you named your masternode something other than mn1, replace that in the above command c. For example, if your alias is mn2 then the command would be: i. ./prx-cli-mn2.sh masternode status Congratulations you have created a masternode! Other useful cli commands masternode genkey (you will get masternodeprivkey) View your Output (Also in the Debug console type): masternode outputs (you will get collateralTxID and outputID) Now write that down and return to the VPS . 3. Setup daemon on VPS . Log into your server console and enter the following lines, one by one. sudo apt-get install build-essential libtool autotools-dev autoconf pkg-config libssl-dev. masternode genkey: masternode outputs: Znode (ZCoin) 8168: znode genkey: znode outputs: 1. Collect information. Collect the following information: 1. IP Address: Retrieve this from the 'Nodes' tab on your subscription page on nodesupply.com. 2. Masternode Private Key (or genkey) This is the masternode private key you entered when ordering your masternode. This is a long string that looks.

name - ipexternal:port - masternode genkey - outputs. Again, close your editor with ctrl-x, then Y and enter. Step 12 - Ending in your wallet check if it is updated and with necessary confirmations. type the command in vps: lancerbit-cli getinfo. confirm if you have updated the amount of blocks compared to your wallet on windows . lancerbit-cli masternode status. if the answer is MASTERNODE. 1. Click HERE to get a masternode genkey and an IP address for your masternode. 2. Copy and paste this info and the URL of the page to your text editor. Save all of this info on your computer. 3. From your Dash directory look for masternode.conf and open it using your text editor. 4. You will see a short instruction on masternode.conf

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masternode genkey masternode outputs Copy the private key and outputs in tempMN1.txt Open notepad and save a temporary .txt file we are going to use for storing the data we will need to configure our masternode. Name it tempMN1.txt. Important! Don't copy paste everything and format your data into tempMN1.txt file like this: <IP:PORT> <masternode genkey> <masternode output> In this exemple. masternode genkey. While in debug console, type in the following and copy the outputidx digit this will be your INDEX_ID. masternode outputs. Edit masternode.conf file on your local computer. On your local, Qt, wallet click on Tools > Open Masternode Configuration File. This should open a file in notepad, or Mac equivalent, that you can edit masternode genkey. Go back to your VPS alqo.conf from step 6. and past the output from Debugconsole on the field masternodeprivkey= Safe the alqo.conf by hitting STR X and Y. 8. Get the transaction ID: We need the transaction Id and the output for the local masternode config file. The 15 confirmations from the internal colaterall transaction of. Die durchschnittliche Masternode-Belohnungshäufigkeit und die erste Auszahlungsperiode variieren von Münze zu Münze und hängen von mehreren Faktoren ab, z. B.: Anzahl der im Netzwerk aktiven Masternodes, Stabilität Ihres Masternodes, Netzwerkverbindung, Glück und viele andere Faktoren. Während dieser Wartezeit können Sie nur den Status überprüfen und bestätigen, ob der Masterknoten. masternode outputs ; masternode genkey ; Go to the tools tab within the wallet and click open masternode configuration file Fill in the form. Type MN01; Then the IP of your VPS and Portnumber 3883 ; Then the PrivKey is your masternode private key (This is the genkey) The TxHash is the transaction ID/long key that you copied to the text file. The Output Index is the 0 or 1 that you copied.

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Nach einer Zeit wenn Masternode lauft in Windows Wallet Befehl in Debug Console: masternode outputs durchführen und in der masternode Konfigurationsdatei entsprechend Nachtragen den collateral_output_txid und collateral_output_index und natürlich den masternodeprivkey aus dem Befehlt genkey den man zuvor erhalten hat und natürlich IP Adresse vom Server und Port qyno-cli getaccountaddress masternode * Note qyno address in Notepad(text file) i) Send 5000 coins to the generated address and wait 15 confirmations (15mins approximately). j) Generate the private key for the masternode and copy it to notepad. qyno-cli masternode genkey * Note qyno masternode privatekey in Notepad(text file Masternode Setup Instructions: Personal Desktop wallet setup: 1. Open your wallet and create a new wallet address. Label it something like mn1 2. Send exactly 25,000 XSPC to your new wallet address 3. Click on Help and then Debug window, go to console and type the following commands in console. 4. First type masternode genkey (without the quotation marks). That will. Masternodes. mobit global employs masternodes to operate as a Distributed Autonomous Organisation. Each masternode operator acts independantly through the action of staking 1 500 tokens and configuring a node on the network to operate as a masternode. Masternode operators are rewarded through inclusive participation of the mining rewards allocated. Each masternode operator holds a vote for all. Set up a TWINS masternode on a VPS server manually. This guide is for a setting up a TWINS masternode on a Ubuntu 16.04/18.04 64bit server (VPS) and will be controlled from the wallet on your local computer (Local wallet).The wallet on the the VPS will be referred to as the Remote wallet. Remote wallet - In the console, use 'masternode genkey' - Save it to the textfile, you will need it later. Enter your masternode details in your PC wallet: - Click Tools, Open Masternode Configuration File (or open masternodes.conf) - On one line, enter: some name without spaces like . MN01 (space) masternode IP:port (space) generated_key (space) transaction_id (space) transaction_index - Save the file and.

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