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Page 4: Installation Instructions IMPORTANT: Zuhne strongly recommends that this product be installed by a licensed plumber. Ensure that installation complies with applicable plumbing and building codes How To Install a Basket Strainer Assembly in Kitchen Sink Drain Opening - YouTube. How Can I Tell You | Made possible by Hosts | Airbnb. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to.

Advanced design with proprietary touch control. Zuhne's energy efficient wall and island range hoods are Builder preferred for upscale projects. Certified to US and Canada standards. Shop Range Hoods Zuhnë sinks are manufactured in one of the most advanced manufacturing facilities globally using industrial strength 16 gauge T304 stainless steel from Posco, a world leader in quality steel. Our products contain 25% more steel than the industry standard resulting in sinks do not bow, warp or dent under the weight of heavy cookare. Whether you are draining boiling pasta one moment or flushing ice cold water next, our sinks are guaranteed never to rust or lose their sheen. Zuhnë's scratch. Zuhnë sinks are manufactured in one of the most advanced manufacturing facilities globally using industrial strength 16 gauge T304 stainless steel from Posco, a world leader in quality steel. Our products contain 25% more steel than the industry standard resulting in sinks do not bow, warp or dent under the weight of heavy cookware. Whether you are draining boiling pasta one moment or flushing ice cold water next, our sinks are guaranteed never to rust or lose their sheen. Zuhnë's scratch.

Read these instructions carefully before installation. Inspect sink for damages. Do not install if the sink is damaged. 2. Ruvati recommends that installation of sinks be done by a professional installer. 3. Sink edges may be sharp and can cause accidental injury to installer if not careful. Wear cut-resistant protective gloves during installation 4. Templates are only provided as a guide. Read these instructions carefully before you begin this installation. Observe all applicable local plumbing and building codes. Superior Sinks recommends all sinks are installed by experienced and professional installers. To ensure safety and damage-free installation, this sink should be installed by two people. Superior Sinks reserves the right t Slide the sink into the cut-out. Press it snugly against the support frame. Inspect the sink's rims for alignment with the counter top. Carefully wipe up excess sealant that oozes outward with a. Single hole Drop In or Topmount deck with U-channel rails for easy installation. 3rd party certified to US and Canada plumbing codes such as UPC, cUPC, IAPMO and ANSI. Solid T304 18/10 stainless steel with premium brushed finish. Rounded corners for easy maintenance Install the sink clips and wingnuts over the glued studs. Fit a clip over a stud, then tighten it in place with a wingnut. Position each clip so the slotted end is over the stud and the solid end is underneath the sink's rim. Twist the wingnuts clockwise to tighten them

ZUHNE Black Drop-In or Undermount Bar Prep RV Granite Kitchen Sink (16 by 20 Single Bowl) $182.00 $176.54. Zuhne. ZUHNE Black Drop-In or Undermount Bar Prep RV Granite Kitchen Sink (16 by 20 Single Bowl) $182.00 $176.54. Quickshop. Sold out Step-by-step instructions for installing the Vault™ farmhouse stainless steel kitchen sink.KOHLER Vault Farmhouse Sinks: https://www.us.kohler.com/us/browse/.. We're installing a drop in sink, but an under-mount sink is simple to install as well. Find detailed instructio... Find detailed instructio... Watch how to properly replace a kitchen sink

Zuhnë. Oban 23 inch Undermount 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Trough Wet Bar or Prep Sink. $169.00 $149.00. Quickshop. On sale Inset Sink Installation. This classic method of installation involves your sink being installed from above into a pre-prepared hole in your worktop. It gives you the widest range of sink shapes, sizes and styles to choose from, so you can be sure that there is an inset style sink to suit your kitchen. View Franke inset sinks Subscribe and check out our home improvement book http://www.amazon.com/dp/B013YR9UOC.I show the steps to install a kitchen sink basket strainer. You will ne.. Zuhne Modena 32 Sink Reviews Best 60 40 Double Sinks A Sinks from m.media-amazon.com If you chose to install your farmhouse sink all by yourself, go through the following points below for step by step sink installation process. Farmhouse sink installation can be tricky and here are 6 easy steps to installing a farmhouse sink in your new kitchen by the sink boutique. Our pick for the best. Porcelain Pedestal Sink Installation Instructions 3 Cleaning and Maintenence We recommend cleaning enameled products with soap and water after each use and wiping dry with a soft cloth. Porcelain is generally moisture resistant, but keeping it dry whenever possible is recommend-ed. Do not use any abrasive scrubs or sponges to clean your porcelain sink, which can scratch or dull the surface.

5. Installation in an environment that is corrosive or otherwise destructive to the product, whether internal or external. 6. Installation in violation of applicable state or local plumbing or housing codes. 7. Acts of God including, but not limited to: fire, flood or natural disaster. Under this Warranty, ZUHNE will only provide replacement parts. The Owner will be responsible for any other costs incurre Zuhne sinks are made exclusively from solid surgical-grade ultra-performance rust and corrosion proof stainless. Your sink is protected against rust over it's lifetime. If a rust-prone item such as a cast iron pan is left in the sink in standing water, the pan will deposit rust on the sink. This is not permanent and can be removed with a standard stainless cleaner. In areas with extremely hard water, wipe the sink dry for the night. Refer to the sink care flyer included with your Zuhne.

FLOOR SINK INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 1. Determine height of the floor sink body to the finished floor. Ensure to account for tile thickness. Cut pipe to determined height and solvent weld sink body to pipe. Floor sink body can be flush to finish floor (see Figure 1a) or up to 1 1/4 [32] above the finished floor (see Figure 1b). Note: If installing trap primer, drill and tap hole at top of. countertop cutout and push sink firmly onto the countertop. Keeping the sink pressed up against the countertop, turn bent end of the mounting brackets so that they snug under the sink flange. Check sink-countertop alignment from all sides again and fasten mounting brackets. Ensure that the countertop surface and sink are clean. Wipe away excess silicone adhesiv Finish your kitchen sink installation without any tools! Watch our introduction video or download the installation instructions to see how quick and easy kitchen sink installation can be Zuhne sinks are made exclusively from solid surgical-grade ultra-performance rust and corrosion proof stainless. Your sink is protected against rust over it's lifetime. If a rust-prone item such as a cast iron pan is left in the sink in standing water, the pan will deposit rust on the sink. This is not permanent and can be removed with a standard stainless cleaner. In areas with extremely hard. The entire weight of the sink should be carried by the side supports. Check that the sink is level from side to side and front to back. Add tapered wood shims to adjust, if necessary. Install the sink and use silicone caulk to fill in the gaps below the sink front, and between the sink and countertop

Installing a stainless steel top mount sink involves drilling holes in the sink as shown and then dropping it into the sink before applying clips to secure it in place. You will then need to attach the faucet and drain securely before using it. This video provides full guidance on how to install a top mount sink Many people wonder how to install a farmhouse sink, but it's relatively easy if you understand the style and purpose of this type of sink. Farmhouse, or apron-front, sinks are characterized by their exposed front basin and installation underneath countertops (as opposed to a lip sitting on top of the counter)—but their most distinctive feature is their vintage style that's reminiscent of. Zuhne sinks have outperformed traditional brands in every blind test. From the moment you unbox our world class packaging to finding your sink sparkling even after 20 years of use, the Zuhne experience is different. In the box Sink, Drain Strainer with Stopper (2 Sets), Stainless Scratch Protector Grate, Stainless Sink Caddy, Installation Kit

TWO-PIECE PEDESTAL SINK INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 1. Drill two holes in the required position on the wall using a 14 mm masonry drill bit, to a depth of 75 mm. 3. Screw a fixing bolt into each fixing plug using a 8 mm spanner until the spanner contacts the wall. 4. Place the basin in position against the wall. Locating the fixing bolts through the holes in the rear of the basin. Push a plastic. Ceramic Vessel Sink and Drain Installation Instructions. Luxier 2 Vessel Sink ev.1 21 3. Attach the pop up drain to the ceramic sink as shown. It is recommended to use plumber's putty with the silicon gaskets to prevent any possible water leak. Make sure the drain is properly secured to the vessel sink. 4. Place the assembled vessel sink through the 3 1/2 opening on the counter top and. Flush Mount or Under Mount Sink INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS CARE AND MAINTENANCE! CAUTION: PRODUCT IS FRAGILE. TO AVOID BREAKAGE AND POSSIBLE INJURY HANDLE WITH CARE! NOTE: Pictures may not exactly define contour of components. Thank you for selecting American Standard - the benchmark of fine quality for over 100 years. To ensure this product is installed properly, please read these instructions.

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INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS VIGNETO 1349-XXX-0120 1345-XXX-0120 1351-XXX-0120 1355-XXX-0120 1353-XXX-0120 1347-XXX-0120 1357-XXX-0120 CONTEMPO 1348-XXX-0120 1344-XXX-0120 1350-XXX-0120 1354-XXX-0120 1352-XXX-0120 1346-XXX-0120 1356-XXX-0120 CLASSICO 1139-XXX-0120 1138-XXX-0120 1137-XXX-0120 1136-XXX-0120 FIRECLAY APRON FRONT KITCHEN SINKS. WWW.BOCCHIUSA.COM 2 Tools and Materials Before You Begin. Follow these instructions to install a #5 sink flange to a standard 3-1/2 to 4 inch sink opening. 1. Unscrew the three backup screws (6) until they are flush with the upper mounting flange (5) surface. Pry the retainer ring (7) free from the strainer flange (2) with a screwdriver and separate all mounting assembly parts (2-7). 2. Form a 3/4 thick ring of top grade oil base putty around the.

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View and Download Blanco Undermount Sinks installation instructions online. Stainless Steel and Silgranit Undermount Sinks. Undermount Sinks plumbing product pdf manual download Kitchen Sink Installation in 8 Steps Step 1 Measure and Mark the Kitchen Sink's Layout Photo by Keller & Keller. Mark the counter's back edge to center the sink within its cabinet. If sink has a template, align it with the mark on the counter. Place its back edge 1½ inches from and parallel to the counter. Trace around it; proceed to the next step. If there's no template, use 2-inch tape to. 4. Place the assembled vessel sink through the 3 1/2 opening on the counter top and check for level Apply silicon adhesive around the bottom rim of the sink as shown. 5. Install the sink and connect P-trap to the drain and check for alignment. Apply some caulking around the base of the sink to seal any gap between the sink and the countertop INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS -SINKS WITH TEMPLATES INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS -SINKS WITH TEMPLATES BOSCO INSTALLATION AND CARE GUIDE FOR STAINLESS STEEL SINKS Thank you for your purchase of an BOSC)C) sink are confident that with the proper Installation of this sink you will '-set many years of enjoy ment and use. Please lake a moment to review th How To Install A Vessel Sink & Faucet A comprehensive how-to article on vessel sink installation and faucet installation. By: Tricia. With the increasing popularity of vessel sinks and the do-it-yourselfers who want to know how to install them, I figured it would be beneficial to write a comprehensive how-to article on the complete process of installing one of these fixtures from start to finish

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The following instructions will take you step-by-step through the installation process and care of your product. We recommend reading the entire instruction booklet before beginning. Caution: Risk of personal injury. Metal surfaces are sharp and can cause severe cuts. Use gloves and handle sink and tools with care. Installing Your New Sink Soleil is not responsible for improper sink or countertop installations. IMPORTANT: Soleil is not responsible for sink or countertop if damaged during installation. Be sure to inspect the sink for damage prior to beginning installation. hts reserved. Undermount Stainless Steel Sink Installation Instructions

Undermount Sink Installation. Under-mount or bottom-mount sinks are installed below the countertop surface. The edge of the countertop material is exposed at the hole created for the sink (and so must be a carefully finished edge rather than a rough cut). The sink is then clamped to the bottom of the material from below This farmhouse sink installation guide will help you understand everything you need to know to install a farmhouse sink, so your kitchen building or remodeling project doesn't have to be scary, hectic or exhausting. Wondering how to install a farmhouse sink in your kitchen? Read on

Installation of damaged product will void the warranty. Helpful Hints 2. Trace a pencil line around the outside edge of the sinkRead these instructions carefully and familiarize yourself with the various parts of the sink. The variety of installations possible for this sink may require procedures other than those shown. Ensure construction i Installation Instructions: Composite Granite Sinks VERSION A 2: Punch 3: Drill 7:Jigsaw 1: Pipe Wrench 4: Adjustable Wrenches 5: Long Thin Screwdriver 6: File 8: Yardstick 9: Hammer 10: Flashlight 11: Silicone Sealant Topmount Installation Instructions 12. Hole Saw NOTE: The illustrations are a representation of a sink and may differ from the style of your sink. The instructions still apply to.

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  1. Installation Instructions: Undermount Sinks WARNING: Always wear safety goggles and gloves when installing the sink to prevent personal injury. Countertop 1-1/8 Sink Sink Countertop 1/2 Sink Rim Reveal Installation 1/8 No Reveal Installation Countertop overhang approx. 1/8 Countertop recessed approx. 1/2 Mounting bracket (Optional accessory) Mounting bracket (Optional accessory) Fastener.
  2. Want to install a kitchen sink? This expert guide will take you through the process step-by-step. The kitchen sink is an essential element of any household. Food is prepared, dishes are washed, flower vases are filled, and food is disposed of in the kitchen sink. The kitchen sink can be installed above the counter, below the counter, or even as a seamless part of the counter itself. To many.

Read installation and maintenance instructions thoroughly before installing sink. Be sure to use proper tools and always wear proper personal safety accessories for your protection. Prior to Installation: • Inspect the sink prior to installation to make sure the sink has not been damagedduring shipping. • Use the cut-out template provided. • Additional floor and wall preparation may be. In addition to the Installation Instructions provided, Kindred has supplied the following items within the. sink package: • The Designer Series product • 3 1/2 stainless steel sink strainers • 1/8 masonite template for undermount sinks. FURTHER ASSISTANCE. For additional assistance, you may contact our Customer Service Department by phone: CANADA: (866) 687-7465 (705) 526-4764. or you. Install your new fireclay farmhouse apron-front sink with step-by-step instructions. Sinkology can be defined as the study of sinks: we are here to educate and support you—and that extends well beyond the day you make your purchase. We've created step-by-step installation guides to give you the information and details you need to complete your at-home installation. When you choose one of. Zuhne 32 Inch Undermount Deep Single Bowl Kitchen Sink. Features. Sink measures 32 x 19 x 10 inches. Made with 16 gauge stainless steel. Under-mounted installation. If you are looking for a heavy-duty stainless steel sink with quality craftsmanship, Zuhne offers one of the best sinks on the market

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  1. e if this is true for your sink. If so, follow the instructions in the manual. The clips usually slide into place on a rail underneath the rim and must be spaced evenly around the sink. Step 6: Drop In the Sink Spread a continuous bead of.
  2. Step 1: Install Pop-up Drain. 2 More Images. The pop-up drain assembly typically comes with your sink or can be purchased separately as a kit. To ensure a watertight seal, I'm applying a bead of silicone all around the drain pipe. Make sure to use 100% silicone and apply a generous bead before dropping the drain into the sink hole
  3. Great sink. Installing it was a hassle, but that was due to me being a fool. All those things you see in the product listing picture, the other sink companies charge extra for. Zuhne includes them. You also get the drain. That's at least $30 on the low end. I went from a 33 drop in, trailer park quality, sink to this. My cabinet was about 33.5.

Place your worktop over the sink, taking care to set it down so that it is precisely aligned with the sink, and allow the silicone to dry. Attach your worktop to your cabinets and wall as per the manufacturer's instructions. Connect the waste kit(s) to the water pipes. AFTER INSTALLATION. Clean the sink, and check that it is straight and level **INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS** 3/2018. Congratulations on the purchase of your new Adjust-a-Sink® System! The Adjust-a-Sink® System utilizes a unique hydraulic lift mechanism and a cUPC listed, patented, 3-stage telescoping plumbing unit* that allows the operator to raise and lower the shampoo bowl a total of 12 simply by pumping the convenient foot pedal. This foot pedal can also be. installation, the continuous ink system will produce high quality prints and will last up to 5 times longer than standard ink cartridges. If your printer is brand new then you must first install the original ink cartridges prior to installing the Continuous Ink System. The reason for this is because the printer needs to initialize with the. according to the instructions supplied with the sink, and not damaged due to abuse, misuse or negligence. This warranty will not cover any labor charges incurred in installation, removal, replacement or repair, transportation cost or any consequential damages, which might be caused by the product. HOUZER shall not be liable in case of; Improper installation or modification of original product.

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To install a kitchen sink drain, you'll need a drain assembly kit that fits your sink, pliers, a basket wrench, plumber's putty, and a brass tailpiece to attach the basket strainer to the main drainpipe. You'll need to disconnect the drain pipe and remove the existing strainer if you haven't already. Once it's removed, you'll need to apply some plumber's putty to the underside of. Swanstone Drop-In Sink Installation Instructions 2 5. Secure the P-trap to the strainer flange with the provided compression nut and ferrule. MATERIAL CARE Clean Swanstone as you would any other fine kitchen or bath fixture using soap, water and standard household cleaners. Be sure to rinse any food or beverage residues as soon as possible. (Some food and beverage residues, if left to sit in.

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  1. Use the manufacturer's manual for your specific sink instructions. The kitchen sink installation using sink clips is mostly for lightweight sinks like stainless steel or copper. Solid-surface sinks and heavy cast iron do not require clips. Step 6: Position The Sink At A Place And Secure I
  2. eral deposits such as iron, salt, lime, or soap to build up on your sink. Refrain from using acidic household cleaners, wipes with harsh chemicals.
  3. WALL-MOUNT SINK INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 7. Complete the installation by applying a thin bead of silicone around the back of the sink, where it meets the wall. This will prevent water from getting behind the sink, which could damage drywall. 5. Use a level to ensure that the sink remained aligned while securing. Slightly loosen the lag bolts to adjust as needed. 6. Proceed to the installation.
  4. Lay-on Sink Installation Instructions (Refer Below Image) ( This Sink is designed to install on solid surface, these sinks are having border thickness of 16 mm it is ideal if install flush with granite. ) Caution : Sink edge may be sharp, handle with caution. Inspect the sink carefully before installation for any damages. Place the sink up-side down on counter top/granite position the sink.
  5. Install sink into the countertop according to the assembly instructions. Measure your countertop. If you have a pre-cut countertop, now is the time to cut it to the right length. Mark a spot for the sink by laying the countertop in place. Trace the inside of the base cabinet onto the underside of the countertop. This helps you align your sink. Turn your countertop over and trace the outline of.

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Attention Installer: Elkay recommends that drop-in sinks be installed by a professional, experienced installer. Elkay is not responsible for the sink or countertop if damaged during installation. Metal edges may be sharp. Use caution when handling. Follow all local plumbing and building codes. Inspect sink for damage prior to beginning. Fireclay Farmhouse Sink Installation Instructions 2 TEMPLATE AND CUTOUT Farmhouse sinks may require custom cabinetry. We recommend consulting an experienced cabinet maker for assistance Expert advice kitchen and bathroom sink installation, with illustrated step-by-step instructions for installing various types of sinks and sink plumbing. Installing a sink is a relatively easy job for an experienced do-it-yourselfer, and can often be completed in a weekend. Depending on whether you are installing or replacing a sink in your.

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install the sink. For a replacement installation, make sure the existing cut-out is the same size or smaller than the cut-out for the new sink. All information in these instructions is based on the latest product information available at the time of publication. Kohler Co. reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice. Pencil Drill Scissors Sealant Keyhole/Compass Saw Tape. A vessel sink installation requires holes in the vanity top or countertop for the sink drain and faucet, if it is a deck-mount type. The hole for the sink and (deck-mounted) faucet must be coordinated and drilled in the proper location for an aesthetically pleasing look and for functionality. Most if not all vessel or CTP sinks come with a template that gives you a precise layout for cutting. How to Install a Drop-In Granite Composite Kitchen Sink. Granite composite sinks make great additions to many kitchen designs. Their sleek appearance and relatively thick edge make a drop-in.

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is determined by type of sink installation being performed. FLUSH MOUNT or UNDER COUNTERTOP INSTALLATIONS (See page 7 for above counter top installation) Typical installation includes cabinet support preparation, installation of faucet and pop-up drain, connection of flexible water supply lines, attachment of sink to cabinet, sizing and installation of drain, supplies to house water system. sink to the dish or work table, every attempt should be made to keep the recessed, flat portion of the cone free of the welded or solder mate-rial.This will minimize the clean-up time required and provide a smooth, flat surface for any cover. SPRAY-RINSE INSTALLATION 1. Locate center (Figures 1 and 2). 2. Drill 7/16 diameter hole through center. 3. Assemble 7/8 punch and tighten bolt. PLUMBERS INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS HUSK - RETRACTABLE DUAL SPRAY SINK MIXER WATER EFFICIENT TAPWARE Hot and cold water inlet pressures should be equal. Static inlet pressure range : 150-1000 kPa IMPORTANT Pressure & Temperature Requirements. Deck Requirements Maximum hot water temperature : 80C. Tap body hole (in deck) : 34-36mm New Regulation:- 500 kPa maximum static pressure at any outlet. Step 2. Many undermount sink types are attached to the countertop with silicone sealant and metal clips. Use a utility knife to cut through the silicone, then unscrew the clips. Tip. Removing and installing an undermount sink is a two-person job. Make sure you have a helper to assist with the heavy lifting and hold the sink in place sink. Install the countertop. Apply a thin bead of silicone sealant where the sink meets the countertop and cabinet. Immediately wipe away any excess sealant. 5. Complete the Installation Install the faucet and the strainers according to the installation instructions. Connect the trap to the strainers. Care and Cleaning For best results, keep the following in mind when caring for your KOHLER.

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Undermount Sink Installation. Particularly pleasing when combined with granite, wood or solid surface worktops, undermount sinks allow for smooth, uninterrupted surfaces. Fitted underneath the work surface, it gives an edgeless finish that is easy to clean and is perfectly integrated into the kitchen environment. ⚓. ⚓ GRANITE SERIES SINK UNDERMOUNT INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS INSTRUCCIONES PARA LA INSTALACIÓN DE MONTAJE INFERIOR DE LOS FREGADEROS DE LA SERIE PARA GRANITO DIRECTIVES D'INSTALLATION SOUS COMPTOIR DE LA SÉRIE DES ÉVIERS EN GRANIT · Read these instructions thoroughly before you begin. · Follow all local plumbing and building codes. · Before installation, please inspect the sink for damage. Follow these instructions for a super quick installation . Flush Pipes and Remove Sink. Test old faucet and check for drips or leaks; Shut off water supply lines at the home's main line; Open hot and cold water supply lines and flush faucet ; Loosen existing faucet from old utility sink; Remove old P-Trap from sink; Dislodge old sink from floor . Assemble Utility Sink. Hammer sink feet into. Large Undermount Sink Kit Installation Instructions Native Trails - Bottom Undermount 4. Slide two channel pieces together (one inside the other) and open them up to set tight against the walls of the cabinet. Place a 1/4 bolt at each end at the farthest point possible where the bolt goes through the top half and into the threaded lower channel. For the longest extensions, you may want to use. Check the manufacturer's instructions on your sink. Here's how to install it: Mark the sink height on the wall. Cut out part of the wallboard to reveal the studs. Notch the studs for the support board with a jigsaw. The support board will need to be flush with the studs if you're covering with only drywall. If you're covering the wall with additional layers, such as bead board or tile.

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View and Download IKEA BOHOLMEN 2 BOWL INSET SINK 30X20 instructions manual online. BOHOLMEN 2 BOWL INSET SINK 30X20 indoor furnishing pdf manual download. Also for: Boholmen single bowl inset sink 19x19, Boholmen Tub Foot Instructions. Cast Iron Tub Foot Instructions. Wide Lug Instructions. Acrylic Tub Foot Instructions. Toilet Installation. Sink Faucet Instructions The type of sink installation being performed will determine the support frame location. FLUSH MOUNT or UNDER COUNTERTOP INSTALLATIONS (See page 7 for above counter top installation) Typical installation includes cabinet support preparation, installation of faucet and pop-up drain, connection of flexible water supply lines, attachment of sink to cabinet, sizing and installation of drain and.

IKEA GODMORGON Double Sink Installation Instructions. Report. Browse more videos. Browse more videos. Playing next. 1:57. iMac & Mac mini OWC Data Doubler Drive Installation Instructions. Jaquez Edie. 4:46. IKEA INSTRUCTIONS MEETS GOOGLE TRANSLATE. Popular Videos. 8:39. DIY, recycled pallet house with IKEA-style assembly instructions . Fazal Hassan. 0:35. You should see him try to follow Ikea. If your sink does not come with mounting hardware, refer to bath sink drop-in installation instructions. 6. Before dropping your new sink into the countertop for the last time apply a thick bead of Sinkology antique brown or clear neutral cure 100% silicone around the hole on the countertop to form a water tight seal around the sink. See our Complete Silicone Installation Kit (#SINSTALL-101. place into sink lubricate flange gasket with water, place into lip of drain body and position drain body on the sink bottom push strainer into ferrule in drain body maker sure washer is in position, slide nut on 1 1/2 drain tubing and hand tighten the drain body nut. test for leaks. • drains are warranted to be free from defects in material 5. Install the drain according to the drain's installation instructions. When cleaning up after installation do not use abrasive cleaners, as they may scratch and alter the sink surface and inish. Use warm water, a soft cloth and a non-abrasive soap (such as dish soap) to clean the surface. Refer to Care and Maintenanc SINK INSTALLATION INSTALLATION INSTALACIÓN 4. Carefully place your vessel sink upside down on the countertop. Apply a generous amount of silicone sealant to the base of the sink where it will rest on the counter. 4. Coloque cuidadosamente el lavabo de ovalín hacia abajo sobre la encimera. Aplique una buena cantidad d

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