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In this article, you'll learn about rich text editors and HTML, and how to reduce formatting issues. Use the Paste from Rich Text Editor tool . If you paste from a rich text editor, we recommend using the Paste from Rich Text Editor tool to get your content into Mailchimp. This tool removes code that often interferes with how your text content displays. After the old formatting is removed, you can apply new text styles in each content block Unfortunately this problem is all too common. Below are the two most common reasons for this text formatting issue. You use a custom coded template. Mailchimp is constantly evolving. If you get an email template coded outside of Mailchimp it is coded according to standards at a point-in-time. Eventually the code in the template is likely to become outdated and this is often the cause of text not displaying correctly. Unfortunately, if this is the case, your only option is to have a new. 3 Common Causes of Mailchimp Formatting Issues 1. How Do I Cut and Paste Without Messing Up Formatting? Rich text editors like Google Docs and Microsoft Word add... 2. How to Fix Line Spacing in Mailchimp Line spacing is a different issue. In order to fix this problem, you'll have to... 3. Mailchimp. Highlight the text in the content block, and click Clear Styles. Click Save & Close. If your layout looks good, add new styles to your text with Mailchimp's editing tools. It's important to follow our suggested style hierarchy when you apply styles to your text, so the style settings in one area don't override the styles in another section The topic 'MailChimp Required Footer with Text & Badge [Formatting Issue]' is closed to new replies. MC4WP: Mailchimp for WordPress Frequently Asked Question

We are aware that when converting an in-depth well designed MailChimp template into LionDesk, there can be some formatting issues. Resolving this issue involves adjusting the HTML code for your email. 1- Access where you pasted your MailChimp HTML code by selecting Source Below are the three most common issues that I encounter with users of Mailchimp. Multiple Lists. Using a single list (as opposed to multiple lists) will absolutely make your email marketing quicker and more effective. Best practice is to have a single Mailchimp list and then to use segments to target your email campaigns to relevant audiences Under Compose messages, in the Compose messages in this format list, click HTML, Plain Text, or Rich Text. Checked and double checked that already, it's on HTML. Thanks for all the suggestions :^ 2021-05-24 05:48:18. @davidneedham @GenuineAmyHall @Mailchimp Caching is enabled, but it's specifically configured to automatically clear whenever this content is added or modified. Just in case that's not working right, I'll disable cache for the feed entirely and see if that helps. Thanks

But in the end, frustration notwithstanding, we are about solutions. Here is what we did to solve this problem. I use MailChimp, but I suspect you need to consider similar tactics with Constant Contact or any other email system. First, here is the Goal: Uniform format and delivery; Mobile ready/friendly format; To accomplish this, do the following To ensure that you provide MailChimp with the proper data, you can employ a Formatter step here that uses a Lookup Table transform: The transform app would convert the group name to a properly formatted one. For example, the input here would be Vanilla. The output would be Ice Cream flavors->Vanilla . You can then map out the output of the Formatter step and use that as a custom value for the. The line spacing, the height of each line of text, can be set within the template editing. However, the option to configure the spacing between paragraphs is not given. Login to your MailChimp account and click on Templates in the menu at the top left of the screen. The view changes to show your list of templates which have been created You should note that most of the formatting issues result from copy-pasting your content from external sources. The reason is that you are not merely copying the text but also the text's style. As shown in the above image, the first line appears smaller than the rest of the text. If such formatting issues occur, then you should follow the steps to fix the problem Click the Storage tab, then click Mailchimp. Select the new audience from the drop-down menu. Reset your connection in Mailchimp. If a block connected to Mailchimp has frequent issues, temporarily disconnect the form from Mailchimp and reset permissions for your account

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  1. Mailchimp's Ops team is constantly scaling our servers to make sure our users have a great experience with our products. One way we do this is with shards, or partitions, that help us better horizontally scale our database infrastructure. Text formatting
  2. The other methods described in MailChimp's own documentation did not work: @import failed per the OP (a parsing error), and font-face declarations were either stripped entirely, or mangled so badly by MailChimp's CSS parser that they no longer worked. - Jonathan Nicol Nov 6 '15 at 4:3
  3. Now you can finally click 'Save & Close' button in the bottom right corner. If MailChimp detects any issues with your newsletter, it will let you know about that and you will have to resolve them before being able to click 'Send.' Note: You can see 'MonkeyReward' badge among the issues in the pic below. This means that the MailChimp logo is missing and with free accounts, their logo is a required part of every email you send. If you don't add it, it will be added.

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  1. Mailchimp. Email Design Reference. Search. Search Clear. Development HTML Column Layouts. Knowing how to build rock-solid multi-column layouts is pretty important; most emails floating around out there aren't single-column affairs. Multi-column layouts are good at holding lots of information, and the principles behind building them can be applied to lots of other coding scenarios. Here's.
  2. A CSS reset in the email's <head> is a good start, but a adding a few more reset styles inline in the email body's markup will ensure consistent rendering in Outlook. The <body> reset. Adding a few reset styles in the <body> tag will ensure consistent spacing and text line-height in Outlook
  3. To find a premium Mailchimp newsletter template on Envato Elements, click the side of the search box to select Web Templates. This will refine your search to templates suitable for web use, including email templates. Type Mailchimp into the search box, then use the filtering tools at the side to select email templates
  4. To get rid of this problem, Campaign Monitor published a workaround which is quite successful but a bit too long. We bring to you a simple workaround to beat this challenge. Just insert the below-mentioned code to resolve the issue. Once you add this code, Outlook will display bullet points in your list and that's the end of your struggle
  5. As you will see in this Mailchimp tutorial, getting started with Mailchimp is easy. Step 1 Go to the Mailchimp's website and click the Sign Up for Free button in the top right corner
  6. Every time a MailChimp campaign is sent, Outlook fails to display the background images - even after authorising Outlook to download images from the email. I noticed this issue only happens to Outlook on a desktop, after testing on a desktop, the iPhone mail app, and the Outlook mobile app. Please find images to illustrate below: 1. Test Template viewed in MailChimp

enabling rich text/html format in yammer post using MS Flow. Submitted by. Nisha07 on ‎03-21-2017 11:07 PM. I have created one flow using available template post to yammer on list item creation in sharepoint. My requirement to send <creator> has been published a new item <item name> in message body, here <creator> is the profile link to. With the multitude of weird rendering issues Outlook introduces into emails, it makes more and more sense to provide an Outlook-specific stylesheet, akin to what we do for mobile emails. Using Microsoft's conditional comments, you can do just that. Here's all you need, and it can be placed after your main CSS: <!--[if gte mso 9]> < style type = text/css > /* Your Outlook-specific CSS. If the issue continues, connect a new, empty spreadsheet instead. Mailchimp. You might receive this email if there's an issue with the form's connection to Mailchimp, or if Mailchimp flagged an address as spam. The email includes the submitted information as a backup for you. For next steps, visit Troubleshooting Mailchimp issues Newsletters written in plain text format will always be delivered to the subscriber since email clients have no issues with this kind of format. 3. Simplistic Outlook. A simple looking newsletter may or not be a problem depending how you look at it. If you appreciate trendiness, graphics and images, you might say that a simple newsletter is lacking majorly. On the other hand, some readers.

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  1. Select the radio button corresponding to CSV or tab-delimited text file from There are times when MailChimp refuses to import CSV into MailChimp or creates issues like mismatched contact columns after importing CSV to MailChimp. This happens only if the added CSV is not compatible with MailChimp or not formatted properly. ell, if this is happening with you also, then don't worry. We have.
  2. Follow this guide to avoid and troubleshoot common issues with Mailchimp connections through our integration. For help with your Mailchimp account, visit their documentation or contact their support team. Tip: As an alternative to Mailchimp, use our Email Campaigns feature to send emails directly from your site. The Mailchimp integration is a Premium feature available in Business and Commerce.
  3. How To Format Emails In Mailchimp. by Mike Kim 6 Comments. I get a lot of marketing emails. I also write a lot of marketing emails; it's my job. That said, I've seen my fair share of emails — the good, the bad, and the ugly. The ugly must stop! Most marketers understand the importance of an email list. The quality and size of your email list is inextricably linked to the health of your.
  4. Recently one friend asked me to make them a HTML email signature, issue is, when I've tested it, in certain cases the formatting vanishes. I have tested various things and believe it to be Outlook somehow converting the message to plain text for certain addresses - though I could be completely wrong. If I send an email from my external address.
  5. I've had issues where custom templates with `mc:repeatable`/`mc:edit` don't inline the CSS styles (which I've configured and made `@editable` too). Anyone else had this issue? @Joe: Put the editable image outside the editable text. When `mc:edit` is on an image (and `mc:designer` too, I think), this allows a user to upload/replace the.

Say you need to copy PayPal customers into a Mailchimp mailing list. PayPal shows your customers' full names and the detailed time and date they bought your product—but all you want is their first name and the day of the week. Just add Formatter to your Zap, and Zapier can format text the way you want before adding it to Mailchimp. Now let's go use Formatter to edit your text so it's just. Monitoring: (updated) MailChimp's v2.0 API (deprecated) has an endpoint called 'helper/ping' which returns some text to indicate the API status - useful as an automated test of API health and that your certificates are all still working

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The Preview Text Hack. You can create white space after your desired preview text so that email clients don't pull other distracting text or characters into the envelope content. All you need to do is add a chain of zero-width non-joiners (‌‌) and non-breaking spaces ( ) after the preview text that you want displayed MailChimp won't let me add a subscriber unless I complete all of the fields, but I obviously don't want to have separate entries for components of the combined Address, and I don't want to duplicate the postcode. So I end up having to import individual subscribers, pasted in the format I want, which is something of an irritation Stores the submitter's info into Mailchimp(which has a combined Full Name field) Stores a copy of the submitted form into a Google Drive folder with the format Lastname, Firstname However, I'm unable to use both these integrations together due to inconsistent behavior with respect to the name fields, as I explain below. APPROACH #1

Mailchimp is also thinking about the way they can incorporate non-text based style rules. An example of this is their image library and how that's governed, and as the brand develops, they will be giving consideration to content like GIFs and the guidance that needs to be developed around those. More recently, the support department has been working on piloting a chatbot and they used the. Every time a MailChimp campaign is sent, Outlook fails to display the background images - even after authorising Outlook to download images from the email. I noticed this issue only happens to Outlook on a desktop, after testing on a desktop, the iPhone mail app, and the Outlook mobile app. Please find images to illustrate below: 1. Test. The first issue is that it appears in a sub-window. What's far, far worse is the text is so small it's physically difficult to work with. This editor feels like a cheap Java applet instead of a full-blown text editor. Something else to bear in mind is that there's a distinct lack of on-screen help. This is fine if you're a seasoned. Rendering CSS issues. Since Outlook 2007 and above do not support CSS floats, CSS positioning, Flash or other plugins, you need to use XHTML instead of HTML. Moreover, the CSS needs to be inlined as far as possible so that it is not stripped away. No email template is perfect and can be improved for conversions

Mailchimp provides email marketing services including HTML templates for formatting content and functions for measuring engagement. membermojo will automatically populate the contacts within a Mailchimp audience using the members of a membermojo group. Connecting Mailchimp. Connect membermojo to your Mailchimp account from the Mailchimp Settings page. Once connected nothing will happen until a. MailChimp for WooCommerce is rated by users at 3.9/5.0, and a massive 900,000+ active downloads are currently in existence. Most of the negative reviews of this plugin date back well over a year, and the developer has addressed many of the issues identified in the later updates. Get MailChimp for WooCommerce. WP WooCommerce MailChimp

Contribute to mailchimp/mailchimp-transactional-python development by creating an account on GitHub PowerMailChimp is a MailChimp CRM integration tool that connects the powerful, robust, affordable third-party bulk email platform, MailChimp, with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. -Enhancement: Ability to send a blast in a single tab instead of navigating to multiple tabs 6 Tips to Eliminate Outlook Rendering Issues & Create HTML Email Newsletters in Outlook. 1. Include CSS resets for Outlook rendering issues. Just like when developing for the web, it's a good idea to provide a reset CSS for emails to help normalize how code gets rendered and prevent any unwanted styling in email clients Bold text; Italic text; Add and formatting text content. You can start typing inside the RTE and then add formatting to the text to create headings, block quotes, bold or italic text, and links. Add paragraphs. Just like any other text editor, pressing enter will create a new paragraph on a new line where you can continue to type. To add.

Text Formatting. Math Operations. Text Parsing. TimeZone Conversions. Number Formatting . Data Transformation. Currency Formatting. Automatic Counters. Email Parsing. Triggers. Add/Subtract Times to Dates. URL Encoding/ Decoding. Phone Number Formatting. Date Time Formatting. Encryption/Decryption Operations. Get Started For Free. No Limit On Automation Workflows. We do not limit you on. Determine if there are formatting issues. File import errors are often caused by formatting issues in the spreadsheet, many of which are easy to fix. For various reasons, the file format type can cause an import to fail. If your spreadsheet is an .xls or .xlsx file type, try converting it to a .csv file and then see if it will import successfully

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  1. If you enter text manually or paste it into the field from the clipboard, the text entered gets analyzed by Access and, depending on the actual link text, additional info is added and the data is stored internally in a concatenated string in the format of DisplayText#Address#SubAddress#ScreenTip. Here are some examples of this. I highlighted.
  2. option texts using WPML. Version 1.9 (9 MARCH 16) - Fixed issue with source merge tag. - Added check for existing emails on mailchimp from other sources. - Added ad
  3. Format Email in Mailchimp; 1. Sync People List to Mailchimp. If your account is connected to your Mailchimp account, you've selected an audience in Mailchimp. In order to email people, you now need to sync a list in People to Mailchimp by clicking Sync Now from the Settings tab, which will create a tag within that audience. You can only connect one audience with Planning Center, but you can.
  4. We think that this possible text formatting issue should be talked about separately from the ones we previously mentioned. The rationale behind it is that having too much or too little contrast between the text and the background causes eye-strain, which is the number one reason for visitors closing the page immediately. The solution lies in balancing the scales between the dark background and.
  5. Messy code, formatting issues, and image problems create bottlenecks in the production line and slow down content distribution. Here are 6 simple tricks that solve these Google Docs to WordPress issues, making it easier for you to work between them. The Issue With Copying From Google Docs to WordPress. Many bloggers, business owners, and content marketing teams use Google Docs to create.
  6. MailChimp integration summary. Stitch's MailChimp integration replicates data using the MailChimp API 3.0.Refer to the Schema section for a list of objects available for replication.. MailChimp feature snapshot. A high-level look at Stitch's MailChimp (v1) integration, including release status, useful links, and the features supported in Stitch
  7. What he was proposing was for a different issue, but it got me thinking about conditional formatting for MS Office/Outlook in our template code. Fixing the Code. There are essentially three (probably more) problems Outlook has with our template. Problem 1 and 2 work together and problem 3 is a separate issue related to font resizing we.

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Once you have set up a Phone Number field in your MailChimp list, go into your form and add a Phone Number field. If you selected (999)999-999 for the phone format in MailChimp, put 999-999-9999 in the Format box. If you selected International for the phone format in MailChimp, you may use any format in the Phone Number field Negative indirect effects of hurricanes on recruitment of range-expanding mangroves. MEPS 644:65-74 | Full text in pdf format. Sakamaki T, Hayashi K, Zheng Y, Fujibayashi M, Nishimura O. Effects of oyster age on selective suspension-feeding and the chemical composition of biodeposits: insights from fatty acid analysis These issues are nothing new. Indeed, the battle for market share between email clients that play nice with CSS versus those that don't has been pitched for years now. But progress is being made. Looking at the data from over 4 billion emails sent, we found that mobile email clients have gained ground dramatically, with 42% of emails now opened on a mobile device. Here is how desktop, Web.

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Di Bacco M, Scorzini AR. Recent changes in temperature extremes across the north-eastern region of Italy and their relationship with large-scale circulation. CR 81:167-185 | Full text in pdf format. Burić D, Stanojević G. Trends and possible causes of cloudiness variability in Montenegro in the period 1961-2017 Mailchimp is the world's leading marketing automation platform. From small e-commerce shops to big online retailers, 17 million customers use Mailchimp to build on their e-commerce marketing strategy because we make it easy to connect your store, showcase your products with style, recommend items, and recapture lost sales Plain text has no formatting. Plain text typically looks very plain. It's often displayed using what's called a mono-spaced font - meaning that each character takes up the same space on the line. Here's an example: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. HTML started as a way to describe how web pages should look Hello, I tried to get an answer to how to contact an Outlook dev from a Microsoft Answer Tech. Obviously didn't, don't know why I wasted an hour with that. So I'll just try my luck here. Outlook 2016 renders strange horizontal lines in HTML emails after tables. No other Outlook does this. Or · Hi, Since Outlook 2007, Outlook changed. ActiveCampaign's category-defining Customer Experience Automation Platform helps over 150,000 businesses build meaningful connections with their customers

In your WordPress admin panel, go to Plugins > New Plugin, search for Mailchimp pour WordPress and click « Install now «. Alternatively, download the plugin and upload the contents of mailchimp-for-wp.zip to your plugins directory, which usually is /wp-content/plugins/. Activez l'extension. Set your API key in the plugin settings Ninja Forms is a top-notch form plug-in. Ninja Forms is easy to install, use, and overall just a great product. Their service and support was fast and friendly. Any issues I had were resolved right away. Their website has tons of great information on how to use the plug-in and I can honestly say this takes care of every form-related need we. How to access FREE email marketing templates in Mailchimp. Marketing with Ruth posted a video to playlist Marketing tips — at undefined With a text editor application that can save .ics files, open an .ics file or create one. Format your file with the guidelines below. You can export an .ics file from Google Calendar to use as an example. When you're done, save the file as an .ics file All Your Digital Marketing Tools in One Place - Sendinblue. Prepare for. takeoff. Sendinblue is the smartest and most intuitive platform for growing businesses. Thrive digitally as we guide your business with the right marketing & sales tools. Take a free test drive

I'm interested to know how other users of Campaign Standard create and format their text only copies of their emails. In our previous platform there was a built in HTML to text converter which helped but still required a certain amount of manual formatting to ensure it was readable. One thing it did help with though was gathering the URLs for each of the links. We have tried free converter. Fix issue with improperly escaped text fields; Fix issue with malformed update profile link; Download this release. Release Info. Developer: MailChimp: Plugin: MailChimp List Subscribe Form: Version : 1.4.3: Comparing to: See all releases: Code changes from version 1.4.2 to 1.4.3. Files changed (2) hide show. mailchimp.php +7-6; readme.txt +6-2; mailchimp.php CHANGED @@ -1,11 +1,11 @@ 1 <?php. Installing Checklists plugin on Linux. Our plugins are easy to install and do not change Redmine database data, but we recommend a full backup before installation. What is commonly done is just copy the unarchived plugin to your redmine/plugins/ folder. Some plugins, however, may require specific Ruby gems or/and database tables

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Now your MailChimp and Mandrill accounts are integrated. Create Template in MailChimp. Login to MailChimp. In the top toolbar, click on Templates. Click Create Template. Select an option from the Basic section. If you select Code your Own, skip to this section. Themes are not supported. Edit the template with any pictures or text that is desired Plain text has no formatting. Plain text typically looks very plain. It's often displayed using what's called a mono-spaced font - meaning that each character takes up the same space on the line. Here's an example: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. HTML started as a way to describe how web pages should look Improved the block editor Clear Formatting button. If some text is selected, it only clears the styling from that text. If no selection, all styling from the paragraph is cleared. 5.0.1. Fixed importing of backed-up settings. Updated the FAQ section in the readme. 5.0.0. Added several new buttons to the rich-text toolbar in the block editor One of the most popular email marketing apps thanks to its friendly branding, Mailchimp is a great place to start your email marketing program if you're planning to scale it quickly. Following a recent expansion and rebrand, the app now includes a landing page builder, customer journey mapping, marketing automation, list segmentation, retargeting ads, and even A/B testing—all in its free plan Markdown is a simple language used to add formatting to text. Trello uses a modified version of the Markdown syntax. It allows you to easily add bold, italics, links, lists, paragraphs, headers, and images and code blocks to blocks of texts. You can add markdown to your cards in the card's description, checklists, and comments, as well as in your Trello bio. Markdown syntax. Markdown does not.

In 6 years of sending email, I've never had an issue with deliverability or reports of spam at MailChimp. On the nerdy recipient side - I've never seen a MailChimp-powered email land in my personal spam folder. But it's not just anecdotal. Here's an industry report from ReturnPath. MailChimp dedicates huge resources to fighting spam. SELECTED PAST ISSUES AVAILABLE. If there is a particular past issue of the Signpost you want to review, we have a digital Archive of most issues back to 2002. Just send a note to the Webmaster with the issue date you want. Newsletter Archive June 2018 to present available on the PRAC MailChimp Serve

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Some DNS providers don't require semicolons be escaped. If you see issues, try removing the backslashes right before semicolons at the beginning and end of the record. Some DNS providers take longer than others to publish and push the record. If you're adding a completely new record, those often validate within 10-15 minutes. Changing records. Litmus empowers you with the tools you need to strengthen campaigns and segment audiences—whether you work with a team of two or collaborate with 200. Build, test, and collaborate for higher conversions and better results. All in one seamless, integrated solution that's remarkably easy for everyone at your organization to use Look at your formatting. Usernames and passwords are case-sensitive, and spacing issues. Make sure to make use of the capitalization that is correct and that there are no additional areas before or following the text. Sign in through G Suite. If you put up your Mailchimp account through G Suite, you'll want to join via G Suite or create a. They do not have formatting options. Automation campaigns; These campaigns let you automate email marketing using set triggers. A/B testing campaigns; This allows you to send more than one version of a similar campaign. You can test subject lines, text and send times. AWeber vs Mailchimp: Email Templates. AWeber and Mailchimp provide numerous email templates designed to meet different needs.

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Since these files come in an upload ready format, you won't have a hard time getting your newsletter up and running. 2. Multiple Responsive Email Template. Create different Mailchimp HTML templates with this multipurpose theme. Setting up and designing many emails is easy. It includes Mailchimp, StampReady, and Campaign Monitor files. Drag and drop the unique modules to create layouts that'll. Network analysis reveals multispecies spatial associations in the shark community of a Caribbean marine protected area. MEPS 633:105-126 | Full text in pdf format. Phillips ND, Elliott Smith EA, Newsome SD, Houghton JDR, Carson CD, Alfaro-Shigueto J, Mangel JC, Eagling LE, Kubicek L, Harrod C Formatting when uploaded to Mailchimp; Uploading a design to Mailchimp; Using placeholders with Mailchimp ; Graphics and Other Objects. Adding and duplicating graphics, shapes, And objects; Adding animated graphics; Adding video placeholders; Pixel precise element editing; Resizing objects; Rotating objects; Rounded corners; Using objects with text; HTML Export. Exporting to other email.

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When I attempt to forward text, or copy text from another similar email into a new email, the formatting seems fine while I'm drafting it (default type, size, and color) but once the message sends some of the text turns dark purple. I've attached an image of how a recent email rendered once it had been sent. I have tried pasting to match style, and selecting the full text of an email and. As the title suggests, these campaigns contain only text and have no formatting options. A/B Testing Campaign - These let you test things like your campaign subject line, from name, content, and send time. RSS Campaign - These allow you to automate your email marketing by combining content from your RSS feed with MailChimp templates Galahad MailChimp Synchronizer lets you synchronize an existing mailing list with MailChimp. The synchronization is one directional (from existing to MailChimp) so it is most useful for keeping MailChimp synced with something like a membership database or customer list. Examples using Mysql and PHP Arrays are provided. - inxilpro/Galahad-MailChimp-Synchronize Copy these CSS snippets to help with formatting the time slots. Paste them into the Choose color of the date text. For example, this CSS will give unavailable dates a pale red background with red text, while available dates have a pale green background and green text: Monthly date color changed based on availability. Change the Time Slot Background and Text Color. Use this CSS to.

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Description: The MailChimp plugin allows you to quickly and easily add a signup form for your MailChimp list With a text editor application that can save .ics files, open an .ics file or create one. Format your file with the guidelines below. You can export an .ics file from Google Calendar to use as an example. When you're done, save the file as an .ics file Formatting issues come up often in user reviews. The templates look dated. Some of the available email templates are quite basic and have dated design. The email editor is fast but doesn't have a lot of design features. Let's look at the alternatives to Constant Contact. Here is a quick overview, followed by full reviews. 7 Best Constant Contact Alternatives. MailerLite - The clean and. To convert a column of all number characters to the Excel Text format, select Text. To convert a column of all date characters, each date in the order of year, month, and day, to the Excel Date format, select Date, and then select the date type of YMD in the Date box. Excel will import the column as General if the conversion could yield unintended results. For example: If the column contains a. MailChimp voor WordPress, the #1 unofficial Mailchimp plugin. Installatie Installing the plugin. In your WordPress admin panel, go to Plugins > New Plugin, search for MailChimp voor WordPress and click Install now; Alternatively, download the plugin and upload the contents of mailchimp-for-wp.zip to your plugins directory, which usually is /wp-content/plugins/

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