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MONTHLY DEVICE FEES Real-time 3, 4, 21* $105 $105* $105 $105 $79 $0 Real-time: non-professional market-depth 4 $10 $10 $10 $10 $5 N/A Real-time: non-professional market-depth bundle 4, 22 $30 N/A N/A Real-time: non-professional top-of-book 4 $1 $1 $1 $1 $1 $0 Real-time: non-professional top-of-book bundle 4, 23 $3 N/A $ Globex Non-Pro Level II Data. CME Globex - $12 per month CBOT - $12 per month COMEX - $12 per month NYMEX - $12 per month. SUBSCRIBE. *Market Depth for $20 per month required for all Level II data Market-Subscription to Level 2 Data includes Level 1 Data: Top of Book Level 1 Data: Market Depth Level 2 Data: CBOT: $3.00: $13.00: CME: $3.00: $13.00: COMEX: $3.00: $13.00: NYMEX: $3.00: $13.00: CME Group (Bundle) - 4 exchange for the price of 3. Includes - CBOT, CME, COMEX, and NYMEX: $9.00: $39.00: EUREX: N/A: $23.00: ICE Futures US: N/A: $127.00: ICE Europe Financials: N/A: $127.0

> Real Time: Non-Professional Market-Depth . CME: $10 + $1 = $11 . CBOT: $10 + $1 = $11 . NYMEX: $10 + $1 = $11 . COMEX: $10 + $1 = $11 > Real Time: Non-Professional Top-of-Book Bundle (includes all CME, CBOT, NYMEX, COMEX) $7 for all 4 CME Group exchanges > Real Time: Non-Professional Top-of-Book . CME: $1 + $1 = $2 . CBOT: $1 + $1 = $ Tradable. Requires real-time exchange fee. CME Bundled Non-Professional Market Depth 1,2: 31 : Tradable. Requires real-time exchange fee. CME Bundled Non-Professional Top of Book 1,2: 3 : Tradable. Requires real-time exchange fee. CME E-Mini : 65 : Tradable. Requires real-time exchange fee. CME Non-Professional Market Depth CME Direct Market Data Fees Policy Details and FAQ CME Group has finalized the policy and pricing for market data on CME Direct. Fees will be charged per standard market data policy, on a per Device, per Exchange, per month basis. Why is CME Group charging for real-time market data on CME Direct Real Time: Non-Professional Market-Depth 4,22 $5 $5 $5 $5 $5 N/A Real Time: Non-Professional Market-Depth Bundle 4,22 N/A N/A Real Time: Non-Professional Top-of-Book 4,23 $1 $1 $1 $1 $1 $

Definition of professional and non-pro is different market to market but normally depends upon exchange membership. CME though recently changed their data fees and their definition of pro/non-pro as follows. In order to qualify for Non-Professional status, all of the following criteria must be met by the Subscriber. 1) Existing industry standard Following a review of market data policies and pricing across all CME Group exchanges, we are announcing the following update to the fee schedule to the market data license agreement. This includes an increase to the Monthly Real-Time Professional Device Fees from $85 to $105. More in Market Data Other non-professional accounts or commission plans are subject to the following monthly real-time market data fees: AMEX $3.00/month, NASDAQ Data Package #1 $3.00/month, NASDAQ Data Package #2 $14.00/month, NASDAQ Data Package #3 $20.00/month, NYSE $3.00/month, and OPRA $5.00/month Monthly Subscription Fee for NON-PROFESSIONAL Subscriber: Exchange CME CBOT NYMEX COMEX Bundle Monthly Subscription Fee USD 5.50 USD 5.50 USD 5.50 USD 5.50 USD 17 Non-professional subscribers have the option of securing the market data as a package or for each individual exchange. Note: - Fees stated above exclude GST Monthly Data Fees. Real-time: non-professional. CME. CBOT. NYMEX. COMEX. Market-depth. $11. $11

CME Group charges different fees for Subscribers, depending on whether they qualify as Professional or Non-Professional recipients, as specified in the CME Market Data License Agreement, schedule 4. Except as otherwise stated, the Subscriber Definition is subject to change at any time and in the CME Group's sole discretion Minimum Account Activity Fee Existing accounts that to their trading solution but do not trade during the month will be assessed a $25 fee What is the CME Non-Professional Globex Data Package. This is a new exchange entitlement option offered by the CME Group exchange which allow customers who quality as Non-Professional to receive discounted access to a Globex only data from the CME, CBOT, NYMEX and/or COMEX. Effective March 1, 2014, this program replaces the previous Exchange Fee Waiver program that was offered by. Definition of professional and non-pro is different market to market but normally depends upon exchange membership. CME though recently changed their data fees and their definition of pro/non-pro as follows. In order to qualify for Non-Professional status, all of the following criteria must be met by the Subscriber. 1) Existing industry standards NON-PROFESSIONAL SUBSCRIBER - Any natural. CME Group Monthly Data Fees by Exchange - Non-Professional; Non-Professional CME CBOT NYMEX COMEX BUNDLE; Live Quotes & Charts (No DOM*) $ 2.00: $ 2.00: $ 2.00: $ 2.00: $ 6.00: Live Quotes & Charts & DOM: $ 12.00: $ 12.00: $ 12.00: $ 12.00: $ 36.0

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The CME Group has updated its market data policies. Along with pricing updates, the new CME policies introduce both a market data non-professional policy and a market data non-display policy. For further details, please refer to the exchange at: http://www.cmegroup.com/market-data/distributor/tools-and-resources.html What are the CME Market Data Fees? Data fees apply to traders that access live quotes and charts through their trading platforms. The current monthly market data fees for Non-Professional Subscribers are as follows: *Level I displays the best bid-offer-volume quotes in real-time, also known as Top of Book, and can be used on quotes and charts Market Data Non-Professional Policy - We introduced a Market Data Non-Professional Policy, whereby a reduced rate is offered for subscribers who qualify. Pursuant to Section 12.3 of the Market Data Agreement this notice shall modify and amend the Market Data Policies, Schedule 4 Section 17 and Exhibit A to Schedule 4. The following language will be added to Non Professional definition: Non.

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CME offers certain data at reduced rate to Non-Professional subscribers. For CME, Non-Professional shall mean and include either (i) an individual, natural person Subscriber(s) who, or (ii) certain small business entities (limited liability companies, partnerships, trusts or corporations) that, receive and use Information (excluding any pit traded data), in each case subject to the following restrictions In this particular case you will not be entitled to use the lower-priced CME Group exchange fees. Market Data Agreement; Non-Professional: NYSE / NASDAQ / NYSE MKT (AMEX) / BATS with or without any other exchanges : Market Data Agreement (With US Equities Agreement) NYSE Professional: NYSE / NASDAQ / NYSE MKT (AMEX) / BATS with or without any other exchanges: Market Data Agreement (With US. United States. Not Applicable. USD 20.00 (includes all exchanges) US Securities & Commodities Non-Professional Bundle (Includes all Stock, Options, Futures and Bond markets) United States. Free (USD 10.00 market data fee if less than USD 30.00 in commissions per month) Not Applicable. Montreal Exchange Level I There are no fees for delayed historical data. If you are a non-professional trader and do not have an account with a Trading Service that Sierra Chart directly supports, you cannot access streaming real-time data for the CME, CBOT, NYMEX, and/or COMEX exchanges unless you pay substantially higher exchange fees

CME Monthly Data Fee Increase - Effective April 1, 2020

  1. ing the range of market data subscription offerings to make available, IBKR seeks to balance the needs of a wide variety of clients, both in terms of the scope of products traded and the frequency of data use. To afford clients the opportunity to
  2. istrators: please ensure that the following fee structure is communicated to all end users at your company when they are provided a to the ICE Trading platform. All fees provided in this schedule are quoted in USD currency. ICE Futures (Non S2F) ICE DATA SERVICES: FEES 1 ICE Ende
  3. CME Market Data Page 5 March 1, 2014 Non-professional examples: 1. The Top of Book data plan is selected for CME and CBOT exchanges, with no Market Depth. The monthly cost will be $2. 2. The Top of Book data plan is selected for all exchanges, with no Market Depth. The monthly cost will be $3
  4. Non-professionals are classified as any person who receives market data solely for their non-business use and who is not a securities professional. Non-display fees . Non-display fees are paid to an exchange for the use of market data for non-display use, including trading applications like execution algorithms, smart order routing (SORs) or market making. As with access and user fees, non.
  5. The fees are different depending on status. Non-professional status is charged $10 while professional status is charged more than $100. I'm wondering if professional status receives better market data feed from another server or both status gets the same market data feed but the professional status is just charged higher fees. Thanks

Non-Professional shall mean and include either (i) an individual, natural person Subscriber (s) who, or (ii) certain small business entities (limited liability companies, partnerships, trusts or corporations) that, receive and use Information (excluding any pit traded data), in each case subject to the following restrictions: (b) the Subscriber. Access to our real-time market data is often subject to fees. The internal use of delayed market data is free of charge. Euronext distinguishes between two main categories of use: Display Use: where you display the market data on a terminal, screen or other. Note, for some real-time market data products a lower fee is available if you are a retail client. Non-Display Use: where your devices or. Non-Professional User Fee NYSE INTEGRATED: NON-PRO DEVICE $16.00 38009 NYSE Integrated Datafeed 2 NYSE INTEGRATED: DATAFEED $0.00 38010 1. Category 3 billed per platform, capped at 3 platforms 2. Access Fee will apply for the receipt of this product via a datafeed delivery . NYSE Proprietary Market Data Pricing 4 January 2021 Please contact your NYSE Market Data Administration Account Manager. The usage fees are assessed based on the number and type of subscribers that access Nasdaq market data. See the In addition, applicable non-professional Subscriber fees are at the $9 Subscriber rate. For additional information regarding EDS, please refer to Data News #2014-10. Nasdaq Depth Non-Display: The Nasdaq Depth Non-Display fees are only applicable to direct access subscribers. The ECM rates are available to a single trader or a proprietary group. The application fee is $2,000. Incentive Programs - CME also offers a number of Incentive Programs, directed at markets in different parts of the world. The incentive programs offer fee waivers or reductions for new traders in locations where CME has yet to make inroads

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CME Market Data Fee Increase. Effective April 1, 2018, CME Group will increase the monthly Real Time: Professional Market Data Fee to $105 per month per exchange, from $85 per month per exchange. Please click here for details related to these fees. Additionally, CME Group will begin to charge market data fees for CME Direct users in Q2 2018 CME Market Data Non-Professional Fees There will be two licensing options for Non-Professional Subscribers; Top of Book and Market Depth. Non- Professional subscribers may elect either option on a per-exchange basis or, as a bundled package, which would include all four of CME Group's exchanges. The fees for both licensing options are listed below: Bundle $15 Notes: CMC- $5 Notes: CBOT $5.

Once your eligibility has been validated, please go here to select the Globex Non-Pro exchange fees you would like added to your Kinetick subscription; Provided that your account is eligible and validated at least once per month, you will continue to receive the reduced Non-Professional rate for your selected CME Globex feeds TMX Quantum Real-Time Market Data Feeds (QRTMD) TMX QuantumFeed Binary Data; TMX Last Sale; TMX PowerStream; Learn more in TMX Webstore . TSX Alpha (TSXA) Real-time Data. See real-time data on active retail and institutional orders for securities listed on TSX and TSXV that have been directed to Alpha due to its unique characteristics. To provide greater execution sizes for active order flow. This includes an increase to the Monthly Real-Time Professional Device Fees from $85 to $105. Please refer to the Schedule 5 for a complete list of all CME Group 2018 market data fees. Fees effective April 1, 2018. In early Q2 2018, CME Group also will begin charging fees for market data distributed through CME Direct Basic market data is available at no charge only to non-professional subscribers. Other market data fees may apply if you add markets. TS GO: TS GO rates apply only to mobile app and web trading. If you are on this plan and place trades using the TradeStation Desktop platform, an additional $10.00 fee will apply to each equities and options trade you make. For futures trades, a $1.40 surcharge.

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  1. Ryan Griffeth, head of Postrock Brokerage notes in a letter titled: Market Participants Perspective on CME Market Data Fee Increase, that, The market data fee at face value is not unreasonable, $340 to receive live market data. However, the way it has been structured by the CME in what appears to be an attempt to increase revenues as much as possible, levies the fee on a per user basis
  2. e if you qualify. Based on the Subscriber's qualifications, Subscribers may be charged reduced Fees for Information.
  3. Take advantage of reduced CME Group Globex Fees through Non-Pro Pricing! Select Optional Upgrades. Do you want to increase the maximum number of symbols you can view simultaneously? Increase to 200 symbols ($20) Increase to 500 symbols ($30) Do you want to add Market Depth, the ability to view Nasdaq Level II data and futures market depth? Add Market Depth ($20) Do you want to add premium news.
  4. Going forward, the Non-Professional Questionnaire will be used to identify and positively confirm the market data status of all customer subscribers. As per exchange requirements, without positively identifying customers as non-professional, the default market data status will be professional. The process will protect and maintain the correct market data status for all new subscribers. For a.

What are the non-professional market data rates? What is the difference between a non-professional and professional? When are market data fees charged to my account? Do you offer historical data? What types of market data are available? Visit our GameChange Blog and stay in touch. Futures and options trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Investors. The fees charged by data vendors and exchanges for professional use are generally substantially more expensive than fees for non-professional use. It's important to note that these classifications are established by the exchanges and, while IB has no input into their definition, as intermediaries between data vendors and end users we are obliged to ensure that they are enforced. Criteria For.

BRR/BRTI @ CME. Non-Professional CME Real-Time Non-Professional Level 1; US Securities Snapshot and Futures Value Bundle (NP,L1) Professional CME Real-Time Professional Level 2 (There is no CME Pro level 1 product) NYXBT @ FWB/SWB. Non-Professional FWB: Spot Market Germany (Frankfurt/Xetra)(NP,L1) SWB: Stuttgart Boerse incl. Euwax (SWB) (NP,L1 Market Data. What are the non-professional market data rates? How do I activate market internals? What is the difference between a non-professional and professional? Do you offer historical data? When are market data fees charged to my account? What types of market data are available? Can I use market data from a provider other than Tradovate

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CME Exchange Fee Increase for Micro E-Mini Equities & Micro Metals (Effective February 1, 2021) Hong Kong (HKEX) - Trading has been Re-Enabled; CQG - Order Routing Problems - 09/21/2020; Rithmic Market Data Outage : 7/21/2020; See more CME Exchange Fee Increase - Effective February 1, 202 Subscriber agrees that it will not communicate or otherwise furnish, or permit to be communicated or otherwise furnished, the Market Data, in any format, to any other party or any office or location other than that designated above, nor allow any other party to take, directly or indirectly, any of the Market Data from such offices or locations, and will adopt and enforce any policy that is. Transactional fees do not apply to end user subscription pricing. C2 Fees for cryptocurrency trading are .5 basis points based on the notional value traded. For example, if the amount traded is or is equivalent to $10,000, the fee would be calculated as $10,000 x .00005 = $.50

Welcome to DTN IQFeed! - Fast, Reliable, Affordable. Market Data and API's. I just wanted to let u know that your data feed/service is by far the best!!! Your unfiltered tick data is excellent for reading order flow and none of your competitors delivers this quality of data! - Comment from Peter via Email Over 50 Trading Platforms & 4 Data Feeds Available ( CQG, TT, Rithmic, CTS ). AMP Global Clearing is a Chicago-based Futures Commission Merchant (FCM) providing access. to the global electronic futures markets for Individual Traders, US & Foreign Introducing Brokerages, CTAs, 3rd Party & API Developers. Free Trading Platforms Low-latency, real-time market data feeds cover the various asset classes and markets in the NYSE Group. Historical Market Data . Cross asset class data across markets in the NYSE Group and on the CTA and UTP nationally consolidated data feeds. Reference Data. Designed to improve risk management and provide insights into key company transaction activity. Tools & Resources. Statistics & Data.

Reliable market data with extended market depth for CME markets (currently 1400 levels). Can use free delayed market data. (With Sierra Chart Advanced package only.) Can trade spreads and options with easy symbol Lookup (only CME markets at this time). Uses TT (Trading Technologies) in the background for order routing and accounts. Therefore. CME Group/ICE Market Data: Please click here for details *Generic Trade clients will automatically subscribe to the Generic Trader suite of platforms (Generic Trader Professional, Online and Mobile) and will be subject to a $59/month subscription fee. Since the CME Group has raised their fees (see above for details), CME Group and ICE fees will be added by request only. If you wish to select. The Capital Market Authority is keen on providing professional qualified cadres to work in the securities industry in the Saudi capital market. Thus, it has developed a series of qualifying examinations, which are required for the persons to be registered with the CMA in order to ensure their efficiency and professionalism in performing their registrable functions within the Authorized Persons.

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CME Micro Bitcoin Futures (USD) 0.5: $5.00: 6:00 p.m. (Sunday) to 5:00 p.m. /BTC: CME Bitcoin Futures (USD) 5: $25.00: 6:00 p.m. (Sunday) to 5:00 p.m. /ETH: CME Ether Futures (USD) 0.25: $12.50: 6:00 p.m. (Sunday) to 5:00 p.m. Sweep functionality and global buying power applies to cryptocurrency products. CRYPTOCURRENCY FUTURES INVOLVE A HIGH LEVEL OF RISK AND MAY NOT BE APPROPRIATE FOR ALL. Deutsche Börse Market Data + Services provides markets with indices, market data, analytics as well as software and outsourcing services. Our product and service offering is empowered by the world class technological infrastructure of Deutsche Börse Group, a leading global exchange organisation PROFESSIONAL FUTURES CLEARINGAND EXECUTION SERVICES. Open a new account to start trading on the isystems platform. A professional's system, Dorman Direct is a complete online trading platform offering communications features not found in other systems. CQG Desktop offers trading, market data, charting, and analytics all in one easy-to-use.

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Futures trading allows you to diversify your portfolio, gain exposure to new markets, hedge against rising commodity prices, and manage risk. Qualified investors can trade over 70 futures products virtually 24 hours a day, 6 days a week through TD Ameritrade Futures and Forex, LLC Chicago Mercantile Exchange - CME: The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) is the world's second-largest exchange for futures and options on futures and the largest in the U.S. Trading involves. The following are the monthly fees charged by CME Group to access market data for non-professional futures traders: CME - $10.00 CBOT - $10.00 NYMEX - $10.00 COMEX - $10.00 CME Market Data Bundle - ALL 4 CME Markets $30.00. Some data providers may add their own fees to the above in the form of service or billing. Please note that Optimus Futures does not charge for data and does not.

NYSE Proprietary Market Data Fees As of April 9, 2021, unless otherwise noted NYSE Integrated Feed Access Fee: $7,500/month Professional User Fee (Per User): $70/month Non-Professional User Fee (Per User): $16/month Non-Display Fee1 Category 1: $20,000/month Category 2: $20,000/month Category 3: $20,000/month, capped at $60,000 Redistribution Fee: $4,000/month Non-Display Declaration Late Fee. Market data fees are charged immediately when subscribing to the current calendar month. Renewals are charged on the first day of the new month. Both can be charged using a credit card or deducted from your trading account. If you want to change your market data selections so you are not charged for a particular exchange next month, please do.

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$0.00 per side - NO FEE. eSignal's Market Data Solutions help you combine market data, technical analysis, development tools and trading integration plug-ins in a perfect mix to suit your unique needs. Get access to low-latency market datafeed provides real-time, streaming data from North America and more than 125 other global exchanges Medical Education or CME events data fees); - Services performed in similar settings or environments; and - Industry knowledge from other projects of a similar nature. 18 Performing Valuation Analysis Valuation theory provides three broad approaches to developing data and analysis pertinent to the goods or services that are being valued (Cost, Income, and Market). However, valuation. Professional vs. Non-Professional subscriber (definitions). Interactive Brokers LLC. Is a member NYSE - FINRA - SIPC and regulated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Headquarters: One Pickwick Plaza, Greenwich, CT 06830 USA Website: www.interactivebrokers.com Interactive Brokers Canada Inc Non-professional market data only Customer Priority Options only. Product: Type: Rate: Stocks and ETFs: Per Share on SMART route: $0.00: Options: Per Contract: $0.65 (min.) of $4.50 on Options: Phone Orders: $20.00: Margin Rates: Margin Debt Interest: 9.5% **effective 1/6/20: Low Commission Trading for Active Traders. Professional and active traders looking to maximize their profits with low. Cross asset class data across markets in the NYSE Group and on the CTA and UTP nationally consolidated data feeds. Reference Data . Designed to improve risk management and provide insights into key company transaction activity. Tools & Resources. Statistics & Data Library. Volumes, transactions and other market reporting. Data Pricing, Policies, Contracts & Guidelines. Key contractual.

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However, OPRA does not charge usage-based or device-based fees for the use of delayed data. Each Vendor is responsible for securing the agreement of each Nonprofessional Subscriber to whom the Vendor wishes to provide current options information to OPRA's terms and conditions prior to providing the Nonprofessional Subscriber with access to the information Join our other 80,000 customers who enjoy the fastest, most reliable, professional market data available. (Move your cursor to this window to pause scrolling) Interactive Brokers tick data was inconsistent, so I have switched to using DTN exclusively. It is great to no longer have to worry about my datafeed all day long. - Comment from Philippe I would just like to say that IQFeed version 4.

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For exchanges that do not offer a free trial, real-time data for the remainder of the month may be activated by paying the exchange fees. If you do not wish to continue with the trial and avoid any charges you need to email or call Barchart to cancel by the end of the current month. Subscriptions are automatically renewed every month unless cancelled and charged on the 1st of the month. Commissions Margin Rates Interest Rates Research and News Market Data Stock Yield Enhancement Program Other Fees. Trading . Platforms APIs Margin Products Order Types Securities Financing Features in Focus Probability Lab Exchange Listings Sustainable Investing. Services. Bonds Marketplace Mutual Funds Marketplace No Transaction Fee ETFs Investors' Marketplace Short Securities Availability. No. NFA Bylaw 1301(b)(i) makes the NFA assessment fee inapplicable to trades of customers who have privileges of membership on a contract market where such contract is entered (except that this exemption does not apply to transactions by commodity pools operated by NFA Member CPOs). If the exchange formally recognizes the customer as a member, the NFA assessment fee does not apply to trades. Market Data may not be copied or otherwise reproduced, repackaged, further transmitted, transferred, disseminated, redistributed or resold, or stored for subsequent use for any such purpose, in whole or in part, in any form or manner or by any means whatsoever, without prior written consent by the appropriate Market Data Providers. The Market. Data fee refund for active equity trading. For clients who trade equities and subscribe to real time market data, Saxo Bank has introduced a refund scheme where fees are refunded per exchange should clients trade a minimum of four (4) times across stocks, ETFs or CFDs on the exchange during each calendar month. For the Australian Securities Exchange the minimum is six (6) trades. Refunds are.


Market Data Feed. Generate more value from data across the enterprise with access to the most comprehensive real-time market data available. A consolidated feed from 35 million instruments. Comprehensive coverage. CQG connects to over 85 global market data sources, 45 tradable exchanges and 139 broker environments. Through our high-capacity Internet data feed, traders have access to a wide range of market quotations that leads to top shelf graphics, analysis, and execution You can not get free stock data for NinjaTrader 8. Even delayed stock data feeds are not free, but it will typically cost you less with most brokers. The lowest cost option is probably to get it from your broker and ask for non-professional fee pricing - providing you qualify for non-professional pricing. This is going to be true for most people

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Find out more about LSEG's high performance market data system, that provides real-time tick-by-tick data essential for anyone trading on our markets. Skip to main content. Go. Careers; Investor Relations; Media Centre ; 7,966.0 GBX-18. (-0.2%) LSEG 21 Jun, 04.48 BST. 7,966.0 GBX. CME Monthly Volume Reports. Date. Documents. August 2019. CME Group July Volume 525.6 KB. July 2019. CME Group June Volume 523.4 KB. November 2018. CME Group January Volume 515.8 KB CSMI is a market data service provided by Cboe Global Markets that delivers real-time index values on over 400 products. Featured values from Cboe include SPX and the VIX Spot. Additional products include values offered by Standard & Poor's/Dow Jones, FTSE Russell, Ameribor, Gemini, Merrill Lynch, Miller Howard, MSCI and Societe Generale. Streaming data is available direct through Cboe Global. Non-Professional investors use data feeds for their own personal use and not on behalf of any business entity. If you are classified as professional, you may be charged an exchange fee by the market data exchange. This may be billed directly to you or via your TrendSpider account

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