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  1. Calculation of hedge ratio is done using a simple proven statistical technique called — OLS linear regression analysis. The slope of the regression line is the hedge ratio, which was assumed to be..
  2. So if we start with 'n', which is called the hedge ratio, so that spread = 0, the property of stationary implies that the expected value of spread will remain as 0. Any deviation from this expected value is a case for statistical abnormality, hence a case for pairs trading
  3. - Hedge Ratio: Once again, it depends what you want to do. If you're just going to do pairs then $ neutral is probably sufficient. It's only when people do baskets that they start worrying about regressions etc. Regrading deriving the hedge ratio from a regression, regressing the prices will give you the inverse relationship between y~x & x~y
  4. In the context of pairs trading, the hidden variables are the hedge ratio and intercept of the regression of UOB against DBS. We specify them as beta_0 and beta_1 respectively. The observable variable is UOB. The observation matrix, F, is (1, DBS)
  5. Hedge Ratio - When we hedge one stock against another, a hedge ratio is used to offset the price discrepancy that exists between two stocks. We use this pre-calculation for the pair of stocks used in pair trading
  6. It is not difficult to see that utilising a fixed hedge ratio in a pairs trading strategy would be far too rigid. In addition the estimate of the slope is relatively noisy. This can be controlled by the delta variable given in the code above but has the effect of also reducing the responsiveness of the filter to changes in the true unobserved hedge ratio between the two ETFs
  7. The pairs trade is market-neutral, meaning the direction of the overall market does not affect its win or loss. The goal is to match two trading vehicles that are highly correlated, trading one..

Pairs Trading Basics: Correlation, Cointegration And Strateg

Pairs trading is a strategy used to trade the differentials between two markets or assets. With this strategy, you shouldn't focus on what one individual currency or stock does. Instead, focus on how the relationship between those two work. Pairs trading is essentially taking a long position in one asset Now we can feed the new hedge ratio, 0.585, into our trading strategy and update our hedges with SPY accordingly. Since SliceMatrix-IO is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) traders can use advanced machine learning models to quickly scale a trading operation A pairs trade is a trading strategy that involves matching a long position with a short position in two stocks with a high correlation. Pairs trading was first introduced in the mid-1980s by a. An observation model (a matrix of coefficients for the other variable - we use a hedge coefficient and an intercept) For our hedge ratio/pairs trading application, the observed variable is one of our price series (p_1) and the hidden variable is our hedge ratio, (\beta)

A Simple Approach To Find The Hedge Ratio For A Pairs Trad

But, say that you are running a statistical arbitrage: pairs trade over two stocks X and Y and you find a lucrative algorithm adapted from some literature. The algorithm suggests that you should long the spread of X and Y (i.e., long X and short Y with correct hedge ratio) when the spread is $0, and exit when the spread is $1. You followed the. The greater the price difference from 0 and hence the spread, the greater the profit potential. One of the best qualities of pairs trading is market-neutrality, as by adjusting the hedge ratio of the spread it can be constructed to have a beta that is negligible, and therefore minimise the exposure to the market Pairs trading is a statistical arbitrage hedge fund strategy designed to exploit short-term deviations from a long-run equilibrium pricing relationship between two stocks. Traditional methods of pairs trading have sought to identify trading pairs based on correlation and other non-parametric decision rules. However, as we will show, these approaches are inferior to the technique applied in. Hedge ratio. Hedge ratios, spreads and significance. Read: The Bank Nifty - ICICI Bank Pair. A pair trading strategy. A simple trading strategy: buy the spread if it is one standard deviation below the average and sell the spread if its is one standard deviation above the average. Read: Backtesting a Pair Trading Strategy. Pair trading scanner. A ready-made list of pairs to trade. Refreshed.

Investors can use the same gold to silver ratio pairs trade described in the Basic Tactics article in this series with futures to realize immense cost savings. Experienced traders might consider using futures to trade the gold to silver ratio because of their capital efficiency. Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) often require 100% of their notional value—which means size or underlying value—in. Pairs trading algorithms profit from betting on the fact that spread deviations return to their mean. One of the more notable hedge funds that implemented a pairs trading strategy was Long Term Capital Management. The company was founded in 1994 by John Meriwether, the former head of bond trading at Salomon Brothers. Members of LTCM's board of directors included Myron Scholes and Robert C. Pair trading is a strategy for hedging risk by opening opposing positions in two related stocks, commodities, or other derivatives. This can be a way to profit no matter what conditions the market is in since profit is determined not by the overall market, but by the relationship between the two positions. While pair trading was originally developed and used by long-term investors, it can also.

hedge funds as well as investment banks. The concept of pairs trading is disarmingly simple. Find two stocks whose prices have moved together historically. When the spread between them widens, short the winner and buy the loser. If history repeats itself, prices will converge and the arbi-trageur will profit. It is hard to believe that such a simple strategy, based solely on past price. Hedge ratio is the ratio or comparative value of an open position's hedge to the overall position. It is an important risk management statistic that is used to measure the extent of any potential risk that can be caused by a movement in the hedging instrument. As the hedge ratio approaches a value closer to 1, the established position is said to be fully hedged. On the other hand, as. The pairs trade designed to minimize the standard deviation of these returns, lowered the annualized standard deviation of the portfolio's returns from 6,37% to 2,01%, making it almost fully market neutral. Keywords Pairs trading, commodity futures, roll return Additional informatio Many researchers have tried to optimize pairs trading as the numbers of opportunities for arbitrage profit have gradually decreased. Pairs trading is a market-neutral strategy; it profits if the given condition is satisfied within a given trading window, and if not, there is a risk of loss. In this study, we propose an optimized pairs-trading strategy using deep reinforcement learning—. Pairs trading is a classic arbitrage strategy on securities in the same industry (for example, Coke and Pepsi) in which the trader buys one security and sells the other when the spread between them widens, then closes the positions when the spread narrows again. In his book Algorithmic Trading, Ernie Chan notes that pairs trading of stocks has become more difficult over time. Two stocks may.

Pairs Trading contains specific and tested formulas for identifying and investing in pairs, and answers important questions such as what ratio should be used to construct the pairs properly. Ganapathy Vidyamurthy (Stamford, CT) is currently a quantitative software analyst and developer at a major New York City hedge fund A new approach to Pairs Trading Using fundamental data to find optimal portfolios Author: Erik Jakobsson . 2 Abstract Since its' invention at Morgan Stanley in 1987 pairs trading has grown to be one of the most common and most researched strategies for market neutral returns. The strategy identifies stocks, or other financial securities, that historically has co-moved and forms a trading.

Kalman Filters In Pairs Trading

  1. ately a hedge fund trading strategy, anybody can use PairTrade Finder® PRO to find attractive reward/risk pair trades. No experience or special skills are required. Is payment required for securities data? Profitable pair trading is best achieved with a high-quality, real-time, split-adjusted datafeed. Our latest PRO v1.3 has three options for data feeds.
  2. I use zScore of the price ratio to define entry/exit points. I think I now have two choices: Make a Dollar neutral pair trade (buy/sell 100 USD of each instrument) Or I can make a beta neutral trade which is I guess buy/sell an unequal dollar amount of those instruments according to the beta factor 1.42 => is that correct
  3. Pair Trading: Calculating Dollar Value of Move on Price Ratio Line. Discussion in 'Trading' started by budfox83, Jul 2, 2014. budfox83. 3 Posts ; 0 Likes; I'm trying to find an easy way to calculate for futures or combination of futures and other assets what the dollar equivalent move is on the price ratio line. So, for equity pairs, my understanding is that it's relatively simple. Price Ratio.

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Dynamic Hedge Ratio Between ETF Pairs Using the Kalman

  1. How to Completely Hedge your Ratio Spread Trade ( Method 1 ) || Option Trading Advance Concept.....You can Join.
  2. ence in forex trading, and this is mainly owing to the legalities and policies of various brokers that continue to profit from taking positions against their customers.If you use an ECN broker, which we recommend that you should, there are various hedging strategies that you can take advantage of, which can significantly alter the risk / reward ratio.
  3. Cointegration technique is sometimes used to do Pairs trading. By checking if a pair of stocks are cointegrated, one could go long on one stock and short on the other (multiplied by Hedge Ratio). We are thus trying to be market neutral. Carol Alexander in the book Market Models gives a very good explaination of the theory behind it. A set of I(1) series are termed cointegrated if there is.
  4. Pairs trading belongs to. Statistical Arbitrage. 6. Basic idea. 7. Basic idea: Step 1 Select 2 stocks which move together. 8. Basic idea: Step 2 Sell high priced stock Buy low priced stock * Same size of each position (price * shares) 9
  5. d here: In the typical construction of a pairs trading strategy, position sizing is deter
  6. Using ratio for trading pairs has the virtue that one does not have to adapt the hedge ratio constantly. It is also equivalent to fixing the hedge ratio for log prices at 1. But that also means that one must adjust the market value of the two legs regularly. Also, if the growth rates of the two legs aren't the same, a hedge ratio of 1 won't be optimal. Ernie Tuesday, July 19, 2016 at 6:36:00.

The Secret To Finding Profit In Pairs Tradin

  1. One of the challenges with the cointegration approach to statistical arbitrage which I discussed in my previous post, is that cointegration relationships are seldom static: they change quite frequently and often break down completely. Back in 2009 I began experimenting with a more dynamic approach to pairs trading, based on the Kalman Filter
  2. You have to consider lag to signal, because you can not trade when you calculate your trade position at that time. hedge.ratio.lagged is too. We defined return as following that [Return of (Buy-Sell)portfolio = (Return of Price1) * (Investmentratio of Price1) + (Return of Price2) * (Investment ratio of Price2) In this equation, as you know, Return is calculated as Change ratio of price.
  3. Pairs trading, as a market-neutral arbitrage strategy, can also be used to create natural hedges for portfolios. In the pairs trading method, a portfolio holds long and short positions in two highly correlated assets. As the values of the assets move in the same direction, the opposite positions create gains and losses that can offset each other. Asset allocation is essential to natural hedges.
  4. Part 3: Pair Trading — Concepts & Analysis. Let's skip the Part 2 which covers the boring code and structure and do some analysis. But I still recommend you to go to the end of this article and read that and have a concept about the skeleton first if you are interested. 3.1 Pair Trading. Pairs trading is a market neutral strategy. As.
  5. To hedge means to buy and sell at the same time or within a short period, two different instruments either in different markets or in just one market. In Forex, hedging is a very commonly used strategy. To hedge, a trader has to choose two positively correlated pairs like EUR/USD and GBP/USD and take opposite directions on both
  6. Pairs trading. Pairs trading is a hedging strategy that involves taking two positions. One on an asset that is increasing in price and one on an asset that is decreasing in price. Pairs trading creates an immediate hedge because one trade automatically mitigates the risk of the other trade. The method involves finding two opportunities that are almost identical but are currently trading at.

Pairs trading is a strategy that tends to use statistics to identify relationships, assist in determining the direction of the relationship, and then ascertain how to execute a trade based on the data. The pairs trader attempts to capitalize on market imbalances between 2 or more financial instruments, such as stocks or funds, in anticipation of making money when the inequality is corrected. A stock trading Note To Self, but ya'll are welcome to take a look. Most content is/will-be syndicated from outside sources. Posted on March 12, 2018. hedge ratio in excel. I'd like to dynamically hedge a pairs trade of two financial futures contracts using Excel to do the computing. I have quotes downloading into excel. thank you. Submitted March 11, 2018 at 09:49PM by mitcht33 via http. In conclusion, Pairs Trading can be a highly effective way for you to hedge your risks while trading. It does a good job at eliminating the market-wide risk that allows you to remain market neutral. While you probably will not earn a large amount on any one trade, your downside risk is also minimized which gives you peace of mind. If you are willing to do some homework, implement proper. This talk was given by Max Margenot at the Quantopian Meetup in Santa Clara on July 17th, 2017. To learn more about Quantopian, visit: https://www.quantopian..

Platform. Download MT5. Trading Rules. Support. Agent Partnership. FAQ. Risk Warning: The trading products provided by Garson include currency pairs, precious metals, crude oil, etc., all can be considered to carry high risks. Your investment can increase as well as decrease in value and ultimately you may lose some or all of your deposits Let's find out. In this post, I'll show you my actual results from backtesting the RSI Divergence strategy on 27 currency pairs. The test had an overall +235.39% cumulative return, showing that this could be a viable RSI strategy for swing trading. But remember that good backtesting results do not guarantee success in live trading Forex day Trading: Simple CURRENCY PAIRS trading strategy that earns me $ 2000 per day in 2021. Yes Hello guys welcome back once again to forex club house; Today we are going to see a new forex trading strategy concerning all/any currency pair of your choice;(MAJOR PAIRS MAINLY) As for your concern this strategy is very very profitable and accurate with a winning ratio of 90% an

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Pair trading was pioneered by •. Gerry Bamberger and Nunzio Tartaglia• Quantitative group at Morgan Stanley• Around 1980s• D.E. Shaw & Co. is famous for this strategy 4. 5. Pair trading is Market neutral trading strategy 5. 6. Pair trading belongs to Statistical Arbitrage 6. 7. Basic idea of pair trading Hedge Ratio = aktueller Kurswert der abzusichernden Aktien / (aktueller Kurs des Aktienindex-Futures × Kontraktwert) × Betafaktor Ein Beta-Hedge eignet sich u.a. zur Absicherung eines Aktienportfolios, das nicht die gleiche Zusammensetzung wie der Aktienindex hat, der den Basiswert des Aktienindex-Futures repräsentiert; wird auch bei einem Relative-Performance-Trade mit Aktienindex-Futures. Pair Trading with AMC Entertainment One of the main advantages of trading using pair correlations is that every trade hedges away some risk. Because there are two separate transactions required, even if AMC Entertainment position performs unexpectedly, the other equity can make up some of the losses. Pair trading also minimizes risk from. Learning pairs trading analysis is indispensable for finance careers in areas such as quantitative research, quantitative development, and quantitative trading mainly within investment banks and hedge funds. It is also essential for academic careers in quantitative finance. And it is necessary for experienced investors quantitative trading research and development

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Mean Reversion Strategies In Python. 3239 Learners. 7.5 hours. Offered by Dr. Ernest P Chan, this course will teach you to identify trading opportunities based on Mean Reversion theory. You will create different mean reversion strategies such as Index Arbitrage, Long-short portfolio using market data and advanced statistical concepts Crypto Trading Strategies: Advanced. 599 Learners. 3.5 hours. It is an advanced course in the 2-course 'Cryptocurrencies Trading Strategies' bundle. Learn to use machine learning, statistical arbitrage and other such techniques in Cryptocurrency trading. You can get an edge over others using quantitative and programmatic approach in trading via a fixed ratio, DV01 neutral and a best of both worlds combo approach. The combo approach leverages the inherent advantages of the fixed ratio spread order and adds a small order to one trade leg to make the trade DV01 neutral, thus eliminating the open DV01 risk. The small additional order should have minimal execution risk Hello smart trader, Greetings Profit with low DD,. Tradesoft Pro Protector Description : Tradesoft Pro Protector is EA forex by using a 3 pairs full hedge correlation system with reference to the signals from the TPC indicator and the market strength of the three pairs to determine open positions. This EA has been tested in [ An increase from the original ratio will indicate a profit whilst a reduction in the ratio will indicate a losing trade. CFD Pairs Trading example 1 - Barclays Bank and Standard Chartered Bank. Day 1. Buy (Long) 5,000 BARC @ 500 pence TOTAL OPENING VALUE: £25,000 (less commission). Day 1. Sell (Short) 4,000 STAN @ 625 pence TOTAL OPENING VALUE: £25,000 (less commission) Day 6. Sell (Close.

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The hedge ratio is expressed as the decimal or the fraction and used for quantifying the amount of the risk exposure Amount Of The Risk Exposure Risk Exposure refers to predicting possible future loss incurred due to a particular business activity or event. You can calculate it by, Risk Exposure = Event Occurrence Probability x Potential Loss read more that is being assumed by a person by. 2 Stocks For The Ultimate Pairs Trade. S ince the 1980s, one of the most well-known and heavily used strategies among hedge funds and portfolio managers has been pairs trading. #-ad_banner-#. Pairs Trading is a popular trading strategy widely used by hedge funds and investment banks. It is capable of obtaining profits irrespective of the market direction. This is accomplished with a two-step procedure. First, a pair of assets whose prices have historically moved together is detected. Then, assuming the equilibrium relationship shoul Pairs-trading is a popular trading strategy that tries to take advantage of market inefficiencies in order to obtain profit. The idea is simple: find two stocks that move together and take long/short positions when they diverge abnormally, hoping that the prices will converge in the future. From the academic point of view of weak market efficiency theory, pairs-trading strategy should not.

'Pairs trading' is an investment strategy that is often deployed by hedge funds and proprietary trading firms. It requires two closely related stocks that move together and trade at some spread. If both stocks diverge (the spread widens) one constructs a long-short position betting that the stock pair will converge eventually (the spread narrows). Ever since Gerry Bamberger and Nunzio. Trading to hedge: dynamic hedging Revisions in red. November 24, 2015. The static portfolio hedge case: some key features The risk is market risk in a known portfolio. The hedging security is a stock index futures contract. The relation between the portfolio return and futures return is linear, but partially random

Because you have a good chance of getting a 1:1 risk reward ratio on your trade as there are no obstacles nearby (till the first swing high). Now If you want to further improve your risk to reward, then look for trading setups with a potential 1:2 or 1:3 risk reward ratio before the first swing high. However, this reduces your trading opportunities as you're more selective with your. Creates a synthetic from two selected pairs. - Free download of the 'iSpread is a spread indicator for pair trading' indicator by 'Desead' for MetaTrader 5 in the MQL5 Code Base, 2014.04.1 In order to calculate the trade size, we would need to calculate hedge_ratio, which is simply the ratio of the closing price of the instrument in the current tf to the higher tf. So whenever we want to go short on spread we'll short 1 unit of current tf and go long on hedge ratio times units of higher tf The hedging strategies are designed to minimize the risk of adverse price movement against an open trade. If you fear a stock market crash is coming or you just want to protect one of your trades from the market uncertainty you can use one of the many types of hedging strategies to gain peace of mind Between 1963 and 2002, the average excess return to pairs trading has been about twice as large as the excess return of the S&P 500, with only one-half to one-third of the risk as measured by standard deviation. As a result, the Sharpe Ratios of pairs trading are between four and six times larger than the Sharpe Ratio of the market

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The Pair Trading Long strategy adds long entry and exit simulated orders to the primary symbol chart based on the price ratio of that symbol to the secondary; the ratio is analyzed in reference to its fast and slow simple moving averages. Based on the selected trending mode of the price ratio, the simulated orders will be added once specific moving average breakout conditions are met. Consider. Pairs trading, sometimes referred to as statistical arbitrage, Our first trade occurs when the ratio reaches -2 standard deviations, meaning Nordstrom is underperforming relative to Gap. Therefore we buy (1/price of Nordstrom) units of Nordstrom and sell (1/price of Gap) units of Gap. As shown on the figure above, from 1995 to present, we have a total of seven trade transactions in theory. Pairs trading, together with statistical arbitrage and risk arbitrage, has been one of the strategies most commonly used by hedge funds since the end of the 1990s ( Nicholas, 2004 ). This type of strategy seeks to obtain profits from inefficiencies existing in the market, irrespective of whether it is a bull, bear or neutral market With such strategies, hedge funds have 125% exposure to long positions and 25% exposure to short strategies. This mix can be tweaked depending on the tactics of the hedge fund manager, such as the 110/10 strategy or 130/30 strategy. Equity Strategy - Pair Trading

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Hedge fund managers could give the system an amount of money to automatically trade every day. However, it would be very bad to let automated trading algorithms trade without any supervision. The hedge fund manager should have some deep learning skills or employ someone with the necessary skills to supervise the system and determine when the system has lost the ability to generalize and trade. My Best Forex Hedging Strategy for FX Trading. Hedging can be a four-letter word to some traders. But when used correctly, hedging can provide a lot of flexibility, without some of the headaches that come with traditional directional trading. Read this blog post to learn how... Home / Forex Trading Strategies / My Best Forex Hedging Strategy for FX Trading. I stumbled down the hedging path in. As the table shows, the trade pairs in the grid hedge each other. Once both sides of a trading pair are open, their P/L becomes locked-in at the hedge amount. When all trades are open, the hedged grid reaches maximum loss and the P/L is fixed at that point. Running the Grid. If the price were to move in a straight line up 60 pips it would execute all of the buy orders, and none of the. Larry Gaines traded professionally for over 3 decades before founding Power Cycle Trading to teach now well over 1,000,000 traders now what he learned during his trading career. Gaines ran one of the largest oil trading groups in the world while serving as Executive Vice President. During his tenure, he traded and managed billions of dollars worth of oil, foreign exchange, futures and options.

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Currency Pairs Hedge EA System Discussion (MQ4 EA included) 1 2 3. New comment 36. quakr 2011 I'm trying to make my trades go in the same ratio once they merge. So I will gain profit everytime they merge regardless of which way they move. Increase Positions. Average loss per 0.1 lots before increase position. It means that another set of orders will enter when the average loss per 0.1 lots. The trader looks to buy the dollar in a pair, using a 1-to-2 risk reward ratio; and then the trader looks to sell the dollar in a pair, also using a 1-to-2 risk to reward ratio. The risk and. getPriceRatio: Get Price Ratio / Spreads between a Pair of Prices; getSlope: Get the slope of a vector of numbers; HalfLifeMeanReversion: Half-Life Mean-Reversion; HedgeRatioOLS: Hedge Ratio OLS; hello: Hello, World! HurstExponentTest: Hurst Exponent Test; indexation: Get an Index of Current T-series; JohansenCointegrationTest: Johansen.

29 heatingoilfuturescontracts. • Hedge ratio -Theratioofthesizeofapositioninahedginginstrument tothesizeofthepositionbeinghedged. Here you see the price ratio between General Motors GM, +0.12% and Ford F, between 2002 and 2012. You could argue that they were trading in a range between 2002 and 2008, and if you had enough.

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Hedge Ratio Defined. A hedge ratio is the comparative value of an open position's hedge to the aggregate size of the position itself. It is expressed as a decimal or fraction and is used to quantify the amount of risk exposure one has assumed through remaining active in an investment or trade. The formula for the hedge ratio is However, the net effects of closing a trade entirely or hedging it with a contrary position are essentially the same. The Imperfect Hedge. Another strategy used in the forex market for hedging purposes involves currency options.A trader who is long a currency pair could use put options to eliminate part of the downside risk, while a trader who is short a currency pair could use call options to.

Acc 1904.75 8.5 Adanient 1298.90 12.15 Adaniports 767.75 26.95 Adanipower 55.20-1.3 Amarajabat 776.05-4.35 Ambujacem 312.25-2.15 Apollohosp 3310.85-36.3 Apollotyre 214.30 0.7 Ashokley 114.25 0.2 Asianpaint 2551.65 2.6 Auropharma 1013.05 4 Axisbank 716.75 1 Bajaj-auto 3866.75-74.45 Bajajfinsv 11318.45 290.5 Bajfinance 5493.80-35 Balkrisind 1832.70 8.7 Bandhanbnk 297.35 2.6 Bankbaroda 70.55-.1. When we pair-trade stocks or other financial instruments, the failure of the relationship in out-of-sample data is usually due to the fact that a company has changed its business model, management, etc. Or perhaps there is a buy-out offer or restructuring in the works. The way to cure this relationship break-down is to diversify: if you have a large number of cointegrating relationships, you.

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Correlated currencies are also great for a hedging trading strategy. Experienced traders usually open more than one position simultaneously (trade on 2 or more pairs at the same time). After you practice for a couple of days you will turn into a better trader and then you will probably wish to open more than one position each time. That is why it is necessary to be aware of these relationships. We study the theoretical implications of cointegrated stock prices on the profitability of pairs trading strategies. If stock returns are fairly weakly correlated across time, cointegration implies very high Sharpe ratios. To the extent that the theoretical Sharpe ratios are too large, this suggests that either (i) cointegration does not exist pairwise among stocks, and pairs trading profits.

The Correct Vectorized Backtest Methodology for PairsFX Market Pairs Trading Strategy [EPAT PROJECT]

Choose a currency pair to trade - Traders should choose one that suits their trading strategy. Decide whether to buy or sell - The analysis should outline the trade direction. Set your stops and limits - Technical levels and the risk/reward ratio can assist with this. Open your first trade - You need to have a trading account for it. Monitor your position - The Forex market is dynamic, and. I day trade ETF arb pairs like SQQQ/TQQQ, TVIX/SVXY, NUGT/DUST, UWT/DWT, LABD/LABU. See my recent TASC articles. Need to adjust share size based on trading ranges. biggest challenge is figuring out how to scale in/use trailing stops for variety of types of trading days, eg strong trend vs sideways chop vs midday reversals Any professional trader knows, that the best way to minimize the risk and increase your profit is - Risk diversification. This can be done, by trading more then one pair at the same time. Even better results can be achieved when trading with more than one Forex EA Robot at the same time. This is why we offer better prices when buying a package. Check & choose your package, start trading today

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